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Electronic log mandate rule expected this month, along with driver database rule

| January 10, 2014

eobr electronic logA proposed rule mandating the use of electronic logging devices is expected to be published in the Federal Register Jan. 29, according to a monthly Department of Transportation report, which says the rule is projected to clear the White House’s Office of Management and Budget Jan. 17.

The report also says the rule will have a 60-day comment period that will last until April 1.


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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s drug and alcohol clearinghouse rule is also set to clear the OMB Jan. 17, and the DOT report projects that the rule will be published in the Federal Register Jan. 31.

The rule will establish a database of drivers who have failed or refused drug or alcohol tests, and carriers will be required to submit failed or refused tests to the database. Carriers also will be required to query the database when hiring drivers.

The electronic logging device (formerly known as electronic onboard recorders) rule will not only mandate the use of e-logs but will set device standards and address driver harassment relative to e-log use.

In its monthly update in December, FMCSA projected the rule would be published Dec. 23.


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Also in the report was an update on the agency’s Safety Fitness Determination rule, which is now projected to be published Aug. 4, with a projected OMB clearance of July 24.

The rule would change the data set and methodology FMCSA uses to produce an overall safety score for a carrier. Now, it uses only data from compliance reviews, whereas the rule would allow the agency to use data from its BASIC scores in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability system; roadside inspections; and crash data.

A rule complementing the e-log mandate — designed to prevent the coercion of drivers to drive in violation of safety rules by carriers, shippers, receivers or other intermediaries — is projected to clear the OMB April 14 and be published in the Federal Register on April 23.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I only run 37,000 last year and still could not do what has to be done if i were 100% and 90% of my running is between corpus christi tx and pascagoula mississippi

  • Jimmy the Greek

    they should be getting around 37.00 per hour

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Me to ! And i make more than that on waiting time in the refineries and sitting in the truck stop waiting for the empty totes to come back from the ship or when i drop the trailer at a pump manifold so they can pump out of the totes with them stell tn the van , $50.00 per hr ,and am not leased , i own the tractor and the trailer ,

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Well i never finished 8th grade, spend most of my teenage years in that used to be called reform schools, as a gust of the state , and i make real good money run on my own authority for 2012 i ran less than 50,000 miles grossed 167,000 and ended up paying tax on 78,000 after all wright off’s so schooling don’t mean $h!T !

  • Vrahnos

    Cool that is what I do as well.Paint doesn’t have to look great to have a good truck.You do it the right way so it will last.I have found many who don’t and they are broke down a lot.The first truck I had was one I built myself from used parts and it held up fairly well for four years till it went tits up.But I had saved enough to buy another for cash and a much better truck than the one I built.I used it for several years with only minor problems.Then I traded that one in for a freightliner set back axel for I needed a stronger build truck and that one fit the bill.Had and rebuilt engine by cummings and I used it for heavy haul in a four state route (maxi flatbeds,40-24 double trailers to haul to 105,500 lbs)Did that for 10 years and sold the truck and trailers and went to work for a wile doing something else.

  • g

    Expect More and More electronic Gadgetry and Monitoring Devices including driver facing Cameras…Trucking is now a Target of Manufacturers who love to SPY on people.

  • g

    The prying Eyes of dispatchers and Managers who seek Total Control of their SLAVES are hungry for Cameras that OBSERVE the driver….many of management jerks are SADISTIC bosses who take pleasure in total dominance of their Paid Punk/Slaveboy…..trucking is really sick.

  • g

    Yep and You are a dumb office worker.
    Probably alot stupider than the Braceros you hire at your crappy dump of a company…you were trained at JB Hunt beginning as a dispatcher and still sucking yer bosses Anus….back to ur Cubicle you P.O.S. office punk.

  • Tru facts

    I own a 2000 Classic and it spends more time on the road than a lot of 08 and newer truck I know personally. The Regen system always malfunction.

  • tax payer

    lets hair test drug test the law makers, AND while were at lets look at their log books. I always here how hard they are working through the night to pass a budget, talk about asleep at the wheel

  • David Jesse

    What’s the difference between paper and e logs? With paper you have 15 minutes, on e logs minutes. On paper I can cheat , on e logs I can cheat only it’s neater. Nobody runs 100 percent legal, with the exception of a large box store. Instead of whiteout ,I have electric scissors in which to cheat. The big problem I’m seeing if your stuck at a dock, you can do a 8 spilt if you plan it right.were not going to change the shipper or receiver . Been that way since the beginning of time. You all also need to build a relationship with your dispactcher . I’m a company driver, ran practically every day in December with no takes planning and know when hold and when to go. Oversize loads are going to be hit hard because if all the screwy things they have to deal with. With e logs or paper you can always say,I can make it here by this time.

  • Andrea Sitler PhD DsC

    We all ran illegal for too long to get the job done. E logs force legal running. In doing so; we can open up the eyes of the beholder. Yes, it will cost and drivers will loose money perhaps for several years or more. The only hope is in the end, safety will actually be promoted, driver wages increased and a look of reality taken once again at this profession. This will end the cowboy of the highway. Will the new age driver have what it takes? What will it take to be a driver in today’s modern age? Trucking have changed. Most new drivers see it as a job not a way of life. It is totally new world coming upon us for the trucker of tomorrow. Hopefully the pay, regulations and rule sets will evolve as well.

    On the upside, elog take out the math and guess work of the day. Either it can be done or it can’t. No more juggling. No more midnight scribbles to try to make it all fit. Dispatch gets it together or the load sits. Folks will have to do their job correctly for with elogs there are not hiding the facts and making up time. Once the transition is accepted; it may be a better world for the trucker.

  • Richard Morrison

    I’ve run just about every type of pay and truck there is out there except tankers and hourly is the only way to go at 45 hrs a week I make more than all but drivers from walmart and some of the LTL companies that pull triples out here in the west. Add in what most OTR guys spend at truck stop and a 70+ hr work week it just doesn’t pay to waste your time doing that.

  • Herpa Derp

    Oh they wont do that because big business don’t want to pay anymore. It wont happen ever.

  • Dirtndrag

    Who is going to pay for these Elogs?? All this is going to do is put the small trucking companies and the owner operators out of business.

  • Herpa Derp

    I drove I think it was 06 or 10 Freightliner or International Straight Truck for a local company while I Looked for a OTR gig. Out of the 6 months I worked there that truck was in the shop 30 if not more times. Regen stuff is garbage oh pull off the road and regen it I did 30 other times, I got Fired because I refused to not drive the POS truck as it was chugging like it was driving over wooden Logs.

  • iluvs56

    Yea it does not make any sense to see a driver wide awake waiting 2 hours so he can drive again. There has to be a better way.

  • gregbo

    I’ve got a ’98 Century with 1.6 million on it. 100% legal and everything works. It’s not nearly as worn out as I am.

  • Kevin

    I have driven 32 years without one log book violation. I have always run by the book and made money 62 yr. old owner operator. Log book, EOBR who cares. If you cannot make money in 70 hrs. you need to find another profession.

  • WING

    It’s documented that 10% is the number for lost wages due just to the screwed up 34 hour reset and 30 minute break. Yet no one but the Teamsters is getting a raise , and that is at UPS LTL, no YRC or others. UPS is top paid LTL employee.
    Fair Labor Standards Act says us OTR drivers are unskilled labor, not worthy of hourly pay or overtime. Notice that the 1% -ers get theirs first… Telematics
    sales for EOBL and EOBR get their money. If you were to look at who’s investing in these companies, you would probably find Congress….and lobbyist’s, as there is BIG MONEY involved.
    The rest of us are just dirt under their fingernails.

  • wing

    i know one company in New Mexico has elogs and talked to a couple of drivers at the pump…to see if they were worth working for..told me straight out that they can get well over 4000 miles a week…their system can be cheated??

  • wing

    CW Moss…well said!
    The OTR driver of America is no more than a New Age Slave. 168 hours a week now before you can get that reset….after you take your government enforced 1-5 am two days in a row nap and only one reset a week. Lets see 1000 a week divided by 168 in the truck…(don’t believe that nonsense that you are ‘off duty’ on your ten!)= 5.95 an hour. Minus taxes and expenses….. well…MC D’s is better pay and your home every day!

  • WING

    They do want cameras in all Positions. Including the sleeper. NTSB commissioned a study with a Virginia University well know for it’s transportation studies…placing all position cameras in 500 tractors for a 2 year study..results will be out by October/2015…Can you say EOBR? The thing here is that is just another intrusion into your privacy..not to mention telematics that register events..sent to Dispatch and wireless transmissions of the load on board/driver/hours on duty/last inspection and more and a lot of that is already available. A lot of companies making money on you and I ….License plate cams…
    check….in place, etc. The camera study is reported last year by Land Line. Truckers Report, and others. Smile!

  • wing

    check again David… Jan 29th,2014 for the NPRM and then everyone by october 2015. You are right…Corporate Constitution is in place since then. Nothing to do with Constitutional Rights or Law!

  • wing

    never had a violation found by a government jackboot. Drivers have no respect for even each other…even the 15 minute ‘pretrip’ /or or on duty at 2:pm will go away as when you say your are on duty at 2:01 pm , time starts! I am saying,,,give the jackboots what they are looking for…a legal logbook. We only have so much time in this world and Fair Labor Standards Act says we are ‘unskilled labor’ and therefore not entitled to hourly wages or overtime. See Teamsters!
    Otr drivers are not paid by the hour, yet give not just 70 hours a week, but 168 hours a week…any lawyer can argue this… . If you are away from the home terminal 7 days or 7 weeks, your are always responsible for the load…. so when did you really go off duty?

  • wing


  • Cujo frankanzoni

    You have to stop when you’re not tired. And drive when you’re tired. You would be forced to drive all night when it’s been years since you stayed up all night. A lot less time at home and tons more in the sleeper of a dumb ass truck. A shipper or a breakdown holds you up and you’re entire day is lost. It’s a complete violation of your privacy You make less pay and you literally are slave to a truck. You sit behind the wheel for hours and can’t sit down and have a meal in the middle of the day.

  • David S. McQueen

    The NPRM has been delayed a number of times. The NPRM is stuck in the OMB (part of the White House) and Obama doesn’t want to release any controversial regulations until after the midterms which will probably be disastrous for the Socialist-Democrats.

  • Steering wheel holder

    So will we be allowed to carry a gun when this is required?? I don’t like the idea of having to park on some street in an undesirable hood when i go over my hours at some shipper or recvr.

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  • ZEE

    No need to yell…. you can find a safe place to park without an elog too! Some people just like to be in the social network, along with the smart refrigerators…..
    Ooh, it’s so much cooler now that I don’t have to shift the truck myself…
    Ooh, it’s so much cooler because the government tells me that shifting the truck myself is a distraction from my job…
    This younger generation is brainwashed to not think for themselves… if your diaper is dirty, are you going to let the on-board computer tell you ?? Or dispatch.. Or Anne Ferro??!

    For @#$%’s sake sheeple, wake up and smell the burning logbooks before it’s too late!

  • Suzy

    I would like to invite congress OR who ever passes these laws for driving come out and PLAY!!

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  • Steven Hufschmidt

    they cant alter driving time. they can change anything else as can the driver with the edit button. the only people that can change driving time is the company providing the elog service and even if they do its documented with a claim number and it has to be a software or mechanical problem (qualcomm box) no one can call they and just have driving time changed. its all logged.

  • Silvermane

    As much as I agree with this, driver are NEVER going to co-operate on anything. have you ever listened to the radio chatter at a TA? Embarrassing. Quick example. Utter the words “union” and watch the rage. Drivers would raher starve to death than collectively bargain for ANYTHING. I would LOVE to see a nationwide freight strike and /or slowdown, but with today’s trucking culture, it’ll never happen.

  • Amie

    From what I see I think a lot of the problems would be solved by paying all truckers by the hour then the company you work for will deal with the hold up at shipper/receivers. This way truckers won’t have to worry and rush which is causing all kinds of stress trying to get the miles in. I also think that if you have to stop for your 10 hour break companies should pay some kind of pay for that too. I mean you are not at home and you are there because you are working for them! They should at least pay for your dinner or breakfast or something. Also when you have a company that sends you to a place then send you 150 miles down the road then 200 miles down the road then you have to sit at these places you deliver to up to 2 hours you don’t ever get enough miles that way. So to be fair I think it would be better all around if a company would pay their drivers by the hour. Now for owner/operators, I don’t know what would be best for them to make their money but something is going to have to give because the drivers are the ones who suffer, whether it be stress of getting the miles in with all the obstacles that get in the way or not enough money when you can’t get the miles because of the way your company dispatches you, paying these drivers by the hour will force the company you work for to treat you better and make you treat yourself better. So if you’re stuck in traffic you want have so many stress hormones and that would mean a much happier driver and healthier, too.

  • Michael

    you are absolutely right william. Cam and the others are clearly only company drivers. They don’t seem to understand that mandating elogs puts an unfair and burdensome cost on independent owner operators. This can only have one purpose and that is to Dr independence back to the is all about control from the government and the major corporations it’s also known as crony capitalism or Marxist capitalism see China.

  • Michael

    yeah like unions are the answer. Are you kidding us? They are in bed with the corporations and the government as much as anyone.get real. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.