EOBRs gaining fleet penetration, survey shows

| April 02, 2013

Qualcomm MCP50 eobr e-logMore and more fleets are using electronic logging devices in their trucks, say results from a survey from trucking acquisition firm Transport Capital Partners.

In February 2013, about 35 percent of fleet surveyed said they use electronic logs or electronic onboard recorders in all of their trucks, up from 25 percent from last May.

Moreover nearly 70 percent of fleets surveyed said they were utilizing or testing electronic logs in some way. The data, however, points toward larger fleets implementing at a much faster rate than smaller fleets.

Of the small carriers surveyed, 71 percent said they are not using them at all, while 43 percent of large carriers in the survey said they have fully implemented EOBRs into all of their trucks.

Moreover, the survey said that fleets — due to implementation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program — are becoming more stringent about driver standards, starting with the hiring process but moving to already employed drivers, too. Nearly 50 percent said they have changed hiring standards as a direct response to CSA regulations while trying to weed out underperforming drivers.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    Si Senyor….Profetchinal Chofer…..use Electro Log in Trookay.

  • john rouse


  • Stranger Freightliner

    This will be the end of the trucking industry as we know it today. and drive up the cost of all consumer goods . Wish we as an industry would be strong enough to stand up to this !
    I deliver my load at 7 AM Then wait for Electronic dispatch to give me pick up instructions. maybe if I”m lucky I get them by Noon and then proceed to pick up . wait to be loaded 2- 3 Hors is the norm , after I have driven anywhere between 75 to 200 Miles for pick up if I’m Lucky wait 2-4 hours for load if Im Lucky and then have 400 to 600 miles in front of me to make my 6-9 AM delivery .

    So really how much sleep did I really get this is the everyday life of a trucker working for a regional Trucking company and yes to make this worse I work the Northeast we are done if pay does not equal the effort ! and I never work less than a 16 hour day This is just our reality !! period

  • 4btrucking

    Yep…the days of on time freight will be over…and you can see the fleets that have switched over…they have to bring in the otr load to a yard, hook it to another guy in a day cab to finish the run…..Perfect example of the redistribution…your $1,000 dollar weeks will turn into 5 or 600. But wait…..we’re fixing to have 1w million new truck drivers so who cares…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.dauphinais James Dauphinais

    Well one thing is for sure. J.I.T will be a thing of the past.. Shiipers and recievers will have to deal with it.. Now you or the Compant can tell these nit wits. My driver only has so much time to move.. so LOAD THE TRUCK NOW!! OR UNLOAD NOW..

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.dauphinais James Dauphinais

    Think of it this way. Less time to deal with the delivery,and more miles on the highway.

  • http://www.facebook.com/IowaButch Paul J. Laperriere

    Some of these large companies who have opted to utilize electronic logs have done so because they had multiple safety violations and DOT strongly recommended they use electronic logs or lose their right to haul freight. I know of 1 large company for a fact this is why they went to electronic logs. My only problem with electronic logs is humans are not machines. We don’t work the same every day. Having a machine, which is 100% every day, running a human which is not 100% every day is not right. I am not a machine. I have zero accidents, pass all my DOT level 1, 2, and 3 inspections, no speeding tickets, and my safety rating is 22. I own 1 truck and 1 trailer. I don’t drive the same every day. I drive safe, period. If I require more or less sleep on any given day then I take it. Why should I be penalized for being safe? I have attended College for Computer Science and I can tell you that statistics are very biased based on who is funding them and what kind of results they want to achieve for their ultimate purpose. If drivers “cheat” on paper logs they will “cheat” with e-logs also. There are programs already surfacing that will enable a driver to manually manipulate e-logs. For about the last 10 years or so if a person had a CDL and heartbeat he could drive a semi. that is and has been the problem. I think by tightening the qualifications that a new driver has for training to be an OTR is the right way to real “public safety”. There are drivers who have been OTR for 3 months training other drivers. That’s not good at all. I could ramble on and on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/IowaButch Paul J. Laperriere

    Electronic logs will not do anything for true public safety. If a human is in the equation there will always be accidents. If DOT looks, honestly at these large companies, such as Werner’s, who have been using e-logs for awhile, they will find that they are no more safe with e-logs than they were without them. The DOT safety rating doesn’t tell the real story. More trucks getting inspected means a lower safety score. Which is false. Heck, some larger companies that had 6 fatalities in a year have had low safety scores to a company like mine–no violations and no accidents. So that system doesn’t tell the true picture.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    Me Chofer de trooking……me gusta E-Log Muy Bueno!!! lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    Si..Elogs es muy importante…..Bueno…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    si…11 million amigos por drive trookay….April 8 Amnesty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    11 million amigos drive trookay April 8Amnesty….Bueno por Latinos……..

  • Mind Games

    This is what happens when you don’t put signs on the side of your truck fliers in rest areas in truck stops in Landry mats in any place you can think of calling for the ouster of our two party fascist leaders. Where your independent and libertarian T Shrirts proudly!!!! Vote these rats out he cheese factory!!!!
    As a matter of fact we need to shut down the country till they are removed by we the people.

  • Mind Games

    This is not about safety its about lawers and lawsuits and greed!

  • Thomas Duncan

    EOBRS are loved by the employed homeless that the larger carriers are so quick to put on the road,ridiculous and unsafe forcing the one person that needs to make the decision to go or not go into a situation dictated by someone else!Putting them into an ever narrowing work window to make a check of any kind!

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.mckelvie William McKelvie

    Alright, listen up OD staffers. Time to once again challenge you folks as to your position on this subject. Where is the information as to what elogging devices are being used? The boxes like qualcomm, peoplenet or something like DDL or Eclipse? Yes, that is a computer generated log system as well. So who is using what systems? Not very clear.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.mckelvie William McKelvie

    USDOT and FMCSA already know about werner, they told on themselves during the first listening sessions on EOBR. And what did they do then, nothing. Same as they are doing now. Even with that NYSP getting up and doing his tarzan bang his chest routine, what has NYDOT done? Bout the same. Buncha rufflin feathers and appeasing going on, that is all

  • john rouse


  • elr

    well, safety is a big concern to a public, as we do know d.o t is implement laws on their behave to protect you know, most of the accidents a truck is involved is less than 0.3 % than, a larger companies, look werner, swift, Gordon, J B hunt, schnider, why ? all the big companies use owner operators, and why owner operators have a none accidents than company drivers with the same company, WHY D O T don’t tell the thru to the public, in cut off the lies, safety is first but money is always ahead,? e logs ?

  • Barney Flintstones

    The 14 hour rule is the problem not electronic logs.If a driver wants to take a 3 hour nap he should not be penalized for it.This rule is stupid and unsafe.

  • martymarsh

    All there is left for me anyway, is to laugh. They want the qualifications of a pilot, they want you to think like a pilot, they train like these people are going to be riding around with no one else around them, but yet you get the pay of a dish washer. All I can do is laugh.
    But, I will say this one more time, YOU CAN”T REGULATE REST, and if any of these clowns that work in an office would go home and try to go to bed they would get it. Guess what, I’m not tired today at all, but my uncle tells me I have to go to bed.
    More proof you can’t fix stupid.

  • EF McHenry

    I would really love a good debate article on EOBRs. As of now I’m cynical! Certainly a strong case can be made that most all the new rules & policies being leveled against the trucking industry are simply meant to “Shake Up the Playing Field” of trucking and create a new wholesale market of goods and services by force of law(ie think EOBR & CPAP manufacturer’s). The EOBR and sleep apnea propositions are excellent examples among the many others in store.
    Just stop and observe what is going on. Big truckiing companies are pushing the new regs and the o/ops and small ones are usually fighting em.
    Unfortunately there seems to be a kind of self-imposed ignorance on the part of so many drivers as to what is really going on. Take the vast majority of company drivers of these large carriers. They actually believe their companies have been forced by the govt(FMCSA) into complying with these changes.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. For it is the large companies that are literally calling for these changes. If you don’t believe it, you’re just not paying attention and are nothing but a low information driver or you’re self-deluded!
    Regulations affect markets. Trucking has markets(ie customers) and industry players. There are driver markets too. Drivers are workers and they are a labor market.
    Regulations tend to destabalize markets and affect competition. There are regs that have direct causal effects and there are regs that have systemic causal effects.
    The American Trucking Association(ATA)and their Large trucking companies members start out with a idea; a new rule. The thought is to shake-up the industry and trouble the competition; in some cases literally drive em right out of business.
    With a new rule in mind they prepare for the effects of the rule(weather the storm).
    /Then they push to get the rule implemented
    /Competitive markets and players are troubled
    /Competition is driven out(small players can’t withstand the impact of radical change).
    /Market share is garnered
    It should be noted this is not free-market! This is a direct intent to skew the rules & policies to gain market advantage.
    Trucking has become very political. And unfortunately there is no salvation to be found in either political party; they are both “in on it!”
    I’m very cynical but know the only option is to fight each issue case by case; in court if necessary!

  • EF McHenry

    Paul you said a lot of things I agree with except one. There is no EOBR rule codified in law yet! And nothing here should be considered a foregone conclusion. So, DOT can strongly recommend EOBRs all they want but no trucking entity will lose their right to haul freight simply because they don’t go EOBR. If a trucking company has endless log violations, that just means they’ve employed drivers that don’t know what they are doing. That’s it…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    They want these rules in place for the Invasion of foreign drivers when the pass Amnesty this Month.

  • bigred

    The electronic log is gonna put most small cos out business as we don`t have 100 wagons to drop and hook and alll kinds drivers to dead head 300 miles to swap loads with a driver who is out of hours,,,,It wil raise prices up as it`s designed to do,,,You win big trucking, hope you can afford all those trucks and drivers that you willl need when small O/O owned cos are eliminated,,,,We can stop this electronic log if we organize and stop the trucks before this is implemented, once it`s here it will be a while before it`s trashed and most big cos go broke over this too,,,,,,Sitting on a dock for 4,5 hours after this log starts is the end with no flexibility at all here, safety it`s not, as everyone will have their foot through the floorboard trying to make up time thy have lost from dock loading and unloading,,Shame on the big trucking cos selling out to this simply because you cannot train your new drivers to run a log book and shame on csa for going after the big bucks from all the small cos,,,,,(and for you “Safety People that get in this conversation under the guise of a former truck driver, we can smell a rat),,,Just remember when everything gets ironed out safety will get go with us too..As you guys know all too well, none these E-logs,etc will have any impact on safety, whatsoever

  • Tim

    Well that’s great, let the Feds mandate EOBRs . If they want me to drive it will cost them at least $1.25 or more per mile or I will just retire.

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