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Engagement on parking safety, availability in the wake of driver’s murder

| July 17, 2014

Catch last night’s discussion on Allen Smith’s Truth About Trucking Live online radio show in the archived podcast below. Smith was joined by, among others, Ashley Boeglin, widow of Michael Boeglin, the owner-operator who lost his life last month in Detroit while parked staged to deliver a load. Ashley’s working from a home base in Southern Indiana to spur on anyone with information as to the identities of her husband’s assailants to come forward, in order that the investigation continue.

David Clark

David Clark

Meanhile, also on the call was Ashley’s father, David Clark, also of Indiana, who has engaged with the driver community on the issue of parking safety and availability as a former trucker himself — he remembers well the parking issue from his time trucking in the 1970s, as he noted on the program. 

Other guests included Hope Rivenburg, widow of Jason Rivenburg, the driver who passed in somewhat similar parking circumstances as Boeglin when he was robbed while parked at an abandoned facility in South Carolina in lieu of better options. The “Jason’s Law” language in the 2012 MAP-21 highway bill came in no small part due to Hope’s efforts, and just what drivers can do to spur along states’ taking advantage of funding for truck parking safety and availability was part of the discussion.


Parking shortage: DOT looking for driver feedback

The Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration wants to hear from drivers about the challenges they face in finding parking and when and where shortages ...

Jason’s Law and the money it makes available for creating further parking alternatives for trucks at the state level competes with maintenance and upkeep of roads and bridges, Hope noted. And though Jason’s Law exists, state Departments of Transportation default to upkeep and expansion as priority issues. Making the parking safety issue a priority at state DOTs, she noted, should now be the primary concern. Find a full listing of state DOTs’ website via the Federal Highway Administration at this link.


Jason’s Law: Five years after the passing of its namesake

In conversation with Overdrive's Wendy Parker, Hope Rivenburg, marking the fifth anniversary of the death of her husband, for whom the Jason's Law truck parking ...

In my mind, your state’s trucking association could be a good point of contact as well to raise the profile of the parking issue. Find a list of association contacts, also included in Overdrive‘s annually updated Partners in Business Manual, below the embedded podcast. 

Desiree Wood of Real Women in Trucking was a guest on the call as well — and shared information from the driver truck parking survey she helped Hope spearhead leading into Jason’s Law’s inclusion in the 2012 highway bill. At the bottom of this linked post, Wood has shared links to reports from that survey. 

You can hear last night’s full discussion below or via


Truck parking push not over with Jason’s Law

Following the cheers that went up around the trucking community for the “Jason’s Law” truck parking legislation’s inclusion in the MAP-21 highway bill in June, ...

State trucking associations: 
Alabama Trucking Association
(877) 277-8785

Alaska Trucking Association
(907) 276-1149 

Arizona Trucking Association
(602) 252-7559 

Arkansas Trucking Association
(501) 372-3462 

California Trucking Association
(916) 373-3500 

Colorado Motor Carriers Association
(303) 433-3375 

Motor Transport Association of Connecticut
(860) 520-4455 

Delaware Motor Transport Association
(302) 672-7763 

Florida Trucking Association
(850) 222-9900 

Georgia Motor Trucking Association
(770) 444-9771 

Hawaii Transportation Association
(808) 833-6628 

Idaho Trucking Association
(208) 342-3521 

Illinois Trucking Association
(630) 654-0884 

Indiana Motor Truck Association
(317) 630-4682 

Iowa Motor Truck Association
(515) 244-5193 

Kansas Motor Carriers Association
(785) 267-1641 

Kentucky Motor Transport Association
(502) 227-0848 

Louisiana Motor Transport Association
(225) 928-5682 

Maine Motor Transport Association
(207) 623-4128 

Maryland Motor Truck Association
(410) 644-4600 

Massachusetts Motor Transportation Association
(617) 695-3512 

Michigan Trucking Association
(517) 321-1951 

Minnesota Trucking Association
(651) 646-7351

Mississippi Trucking Association
(601) 354-0616 

Missouri Motor Carriers Association
(573) 634-3388 

Montana Motor Carriers Association
(406) 442-6600 

Nebraska Trucking Association
(402) 476-8504 

Nevada Motor Transport Association
(775) 673-6111 

New Hampshire Motor Transport Association
(603) 224-7337 

New Jersey Motor Truck Association
(732) 254-5000 

New Mexico Trucking Association
(505) 884-5575 

New York State Motor Truck Association
(518) 458-9696 

North Carolina Trucking Association
(919) 834-0387 

North Dakota Motor Carriers Association
(701) 223-2700 

Ohio Trucking Association
(614) 221-5375

Oklahoma Trucking Association
(405) 843-9488 

Oregon Trucking Associations
(503) 513-0005 or (888) 293-0005 

Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association
(717) 761-7122 

Rhode Island Trucking Association
(401) 729-5210 

South Carolina Trucking Association
(803) 799-4306 

South Dakota Trucking Association
(605) 334-8871 

Tennessee Trucking Association
(615) 777-2882 

Texas Motor Transportation Association
(800) 727-7135 or (800) 478-2541 

Utah Trucking Association
(801) 973-9370 

Vermont Truck & Bus Association
(802) 479-1778 

Virginia Trucking Association
(804) 355-5371 

Washington Trucking Association
(800) 732-9019 or (253) 838-1650

West Virginia Motor Truck Association
(304) 345-2800

Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association
(608) 833-8200

Wyoming Trucking Association
(307) 234-1579

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  • semper fi

    I carry a 45 with me everywhere. Wont hesitate to use it one anyone trying to enter my rig. Some will disagree with me but I sleep good no matter where I am.

  • Safety Man

    This was a real bad area and I’m sure he didn’t have any clue. He was literally a block away from a major heroin drug sales spot. If you can’t get in to deliver in ANY metropolitan area, you need to get out and move to a safer place period.

  • bigred

    Just another ELD nightmare….When we got a clock we are simply SCRUED. When is FMCSA gonna give us our lives back. We gotta have Flexibility in this job so we can be SAFE and it is high time we stopped the crap that is being thrown at us. Instead of them figuring how they can get more of our money, they need to find us some places to park since they have us all driving at the same times now….Most deliveries are made during the daytime,,DUH, can they not see that we have got to be able to schedule our time according to when we GET time. This job was never and will never be an 8 to 5 job.

  • jojo

    Because of the 14hr rule, I find it necessary to park at the shippers and receivers so that I am not wasting my allotted time commuting between sleeping spot and wait in line before going to work spot. ( Personal conveyance rules need to be changed to allow me the commute time as all other working people have! )
    Most city codes call for a specified amount of parking spots based on a businesses square footage or number of bedrooms in an apartment. Major shippers and receivers should by law be required to provide staging for a percentage of the average number of trucks dealt with daily.
    The HOS regs as set forth by the FMCSA have endangered every Driver out here as they require we Drivers to have parking spaces available. I guess we are second class citizens as we have been placed in danger to supposedly make life safer for others.
    It is not the responsibility of truck stops to provide us parking! Why are we being coerced by the government to follow rules that the government has not made it possible for us to follow?
    Drivers, I’m going home 10/31/14 thru 11/7/14 so that I may VOTE 11/4/14. I would encourage the rest of you to join me as WE NEED TO BE HEARD about this and other issues.
    Pat Hockaday

  • Allen Smith

    Thank you Todd for your coverage over the last 5 years, reporting the risks to drivers because of the truck parking shortage and continuous updates on the progress of Jason’s Law. THANK YOU for posting all the State Trucking Associations also.

    Special thanks to ALL the guests who felt compelled to be a part of the show on Wednesday. It took a lot of courage for the Boeglin family to step up and ask to join in. They’ve inspired a lot of people to be more active in the fight.

    I hope everyone can listen to this replay of this show,

  • Allen Smith

    This was a major topic on the show

  • Bhamshorty

    Its hard to call it commuting when driving is what we do. But local guys get to hop into their personal vehicles and get back on the highways to go home after maxing out their hours. The hours rules are out if hand.

  • pupeperson

    Have the various State and Federal laws been changed to allow this? I had a driver 20 years or so ago that was caught with a loaded pistol during an inspection in IA. He went straight to jail. We had to bail him out, get him a lawyer and he ended up paying a $2500.00 fine and being on probation for a year. If things have changed to allow drivers to carry defensive weapons, I applaud it, but I’m skeptical that a driver that travels nationwide can legally carry a loaded firearm in his truck.

  • JJMcClure

    get rid of blacks

  • Joe

    Let get rid of racist people like you

  • Mark Wieland

    Your right, sent a letter to both US Indiana Senators about this issue. A driver needs the right to take himself to a place of safety, food, showers and rest rooms

  • steve

    I have a permit for mine

  • Zehnhund

    OTR drivers should be given special compensation for carrying firearms.
    If the laws for carrying are sufficient for everyone whether they are a driver or not, how can they not be sufficient for drivers while working!?
    We now allow Air Marshalls and others on planes with guns and that is incredibly more dangerous regardless of the person carrying than a driver or anyone else that can legally obtain a CCP.
    It’s not a knock against law enforcement to say they can’t be everywhere all the time. It’s basic, simple reality.
    The special compensation would be that there are federal laws regarding the carrying of a firearm in a commercial vehicle that override local and state laws.
    Besides the most basic right to self defense and the utterly clear and precise language of our 2nd Amendment, OTR driving is one of the most dangerous professions there is.
    With all 50 states now having some level of concealed carry possible and many states reciprocating with each other, what difference can it possibly make as to the make and model of the vehicle or the profession of the carrier!?

  • localnet

    Obama only obeys laws that he feels he needs too, some he just totally ignores or outright uncontitutionally rewrites with his “pen”. Those actions are setting a new precedent in court houses across the land, as defense attorneys are now using Obama’s lawlessness as a defense in their criminal cases… Hey, if the law does not apply to the elite and or the illegals, piss on the DOT and FMCSA, along with their inhumane “clock”.

  • USMC 69-75

    No! It’s called your second amendment right!
    Legally you can carry anywhere you want if you want to stand up for that right.
    I have two CWP and can carry in 44 states. If I get stopped and inspected, I give my permits, they ask if I have a firearm , I tell them yes and that is pretty much it. I did have it confiscated in a port inspection, but it was returned (completely disassemble rounds out of the mag even). You have always had the right, just some law enforcement don’t know the right laws allowing it, and ONE driver gets popped, (facts of the situation unknown) and the rumors spread… can’t carry a gun in a commercial vehicle….poppy cock! Just like the old wives tale about having white sheets on your bunk.

  • USMC 69-75

    I’m with ya Jo Jo

  • USMC 69-75

    When we STAND up and take it back……park your trucks for 3 to 5 days, see what happens…….just a matter of having a spine!

  • USMC 69-75

    I have seen just as many white n_ _ _ _s out there as black…..they are trash and they are the ones getting the “entitlements” so they vote while we are out driving….I stay home and vote!

  • JJMcClure

    you the fool…a spade is a spade

  • JJMcClure

    the FBI stats disagree….black is worse

  • JJMcClure

    better than being dead


    For everyone crying about carrying a weapon……. I run my own rig, and it runs according to my rules and regs as far as how valuable my life is is and the importance of how having a means to secure that life and property shall be preserved. I carry everywhere! Yes thats right, it is done so illegally at times but to whoms perspective, the municipalities that dont allow them or the governing bodies that don’t have a clue. Well, either way my rationalisation is that its better to be judged than carried. If im not doing anything illegal there will never be a case where i will be given a pat down or asked to forfeit my pesonal belonging. You see the problem is that most of you want to carry without carrying (wanna be cowboys/girls)… If you’re a true cwp holder you would have a concealable/comfortable weapon ready to go in a moments notice. I can draw my HK .45 compact out with ease and efficiency. As an ex police officer ive conjured up many scenarios in my head and play on them as “what if” moments to see if my efforts in personal security work or are in vain. Most of the time there is not a scenario that cant be handled.

    I think that we need to all get our Class G security licenses and file them in our employee file. If you are able to be the owner operator and drive your equipment and still be the “boss”, then you can get a class g lic and be armed legally while transporting and protecting goods. If armed gaurds can do it then so can we. I dont beleive there are any laws in effects that can technically keep us from legally doing so. Only places that explicitly state otberwise like ports for example will be a problem. But they dont do pat downs either do they? ;-) Exactly….. I swear, you guys think you need to forfeit everything to the man, but what he dont know cant hurt him. Carry carry carry, get your class g license and see how quickly youll quickly leave an officer dumbfounded because according to the law you’re perfectly within the confines of the law to carry under the class g provisions…..

  • USMC 69-75

    But you are categorizing….BIG problem. That’s like saying truckers are unsafe???? Because of a few, we’ve developed a bad rep. I’m not going to categorize all blacks or all whites, there are good and bad in both races. I let each person speak for themselves, they get racial attitude with me, I ca give it back, but I’ll also work right alongside a black man, and treat him with the same respect he gives me!

  • guest

    Truck Driver is MORE a sitting duck for gang members to Rob today
    This is only ONE reason trucking should PAY MORE.

  • guest

    Very Cool…I Approve!

  • RDT888

    Yep thats me too no actual gun but flare gun very effective have carried 1 for 6yrs and counting lol

  • RDT888

    Because half the drivers out here are so out there would u really want them armed with more then their bad driving and bad attitudes…think about that…

  • Zehnhund

    And the difference between the pro’s and amateur’s attitudes are what!? NOTHING!
    Once, while driving a 68mph truck southbound on I-75 in northern Georgia I had a guy in a almost brand new 4wd, extended cab Chevy Silverado with sliding rear window point his semi – auto at me because I needed to change lanes from the right lane to the center lane and he had been less than a car length behind me in the center lane for at least 3 miles.
    There were several opportunities for him to either move into the left lane or simply accelerate and pass me by going the speed limit.
    After about 1 mile of watching him watch the signal flash right in his face on a cloudless summer day and because he had maintained just enough room that I could physically change lanes without hitting him, I changed lanes.
    My defying him, in his mind, by changing lanes against HIS will miraculously enabled his new pickup truck to suddenly be capable of more than 68 miles an hour in a 70 mile per hour speed zone. He flew around me in the lane he had previously been unable to travel in, swerved back in front of me, opened his sliding rear window and point his pistol at me.
    I’ve had hammers and ceramic coffee mugs and rocks thrown at me and we’ve all had people LITERALLY test our patience and moods by LITERALLY making us decide NOT to kill them so, no, I’m not any more worried about pro’s carrying than I am the amateur’s.

  • guest

    Trucker is a sitting duck waiting to be robbed….he cant defend himself..guns are illegal in most trucks in many states.

  • Ai Pba

    Look at the goons that drive armored trucks, do you really think thetes any possibility on God’s grren earth that they’re smarter, more rational or more qualified? The rules are… you must have a class D for security detail, class G to carry 380, 9mm, .38 or .357 munition in a .38 pistol, and you must wear a minimal of a shirt with “security” on it (badge not required). These are just the basics for abiding by statutes. And they are all similar from state to state, money trucks service the entire banking nation. And all of this is to be able to open carry in your rig and around it during the course of “official duties”. I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve run into a LEO with mysidearm in open carry form as i was exiting my rig in a deserted part of the city i was in that he just happened to pass by and even he couldn’t deny all the credentials and and state statutes I presented to him. Granted, whenever an officer asks nicely i usually will comply, but if he’s a dick, then all bets are off. I rather be asked to secure my sidearm then be attacked without it.

    My sidearm has saved my life and allowed me to go home to my wife and kids several times more as a trucker than when i was a LEO. Personally, there’s no substitution for concealed carry, but open carry thwarts off more people with ill intentions. Criminals are COWARDS, they will never approach a target whom is aware and armed…..EVER!

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  • James P. Lamb


    SBTC filed draft legislation (dubbed “Mike’s Law” with consent of Mike Boeglin’s wife Ashley Boeglin) with Congress today on RIGHT TO CARRY INTERSTATE:

    We expect it to be revised but this represents the sum and substance/intent of the bill. The SBTC is taking ACTION to promote and protect the rights of the small players in transportation. Join us at

  • guest

    That sounds logical…cops try to make sure that doesnt happen…theymake the driver out to be a criminal if he is carrying for his own protection.

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  • Lynn Lucas

    It’s the individual states that’s the problem. Most drivers think the DOT says we can’t carry,but it’s not true and no where in the regs book is it mentioned. Even if one has a carry permit,some states don’t recognize others states and this is where it is stupid. drive thru 3 states ,it’s okay but #4 says you can’t, so what does a driver do?. sometimes I think it is just money,but there are some states still regulated by ‘prehistoric’ laws and reasoning. South Carolina ,just recently , now recognizes Georgia’s CCP. I always carried my gun and never had a problem with the law bothering me, BUT there is always one out there that want to make a name for himself.

  • Joe Licari

    I’m not going to argue the validity or intent of the HOS regulations, just the fact that the fed does impose them. I’m not a driver but I am involved with the industry in an ancillary fashion and I have spoken to my Congressman regarding this issue a couple of years ago and stated that I felt consequences of the regulations are a lack of parking spaces and congested and unhealthy rest environments where parking spaces are located. I felt that it is the government’s responsibility to help provide drivers with safe, healthy, and adequate parking spaces since it is federal regulations that cause the problem. And that it will get worse with the ELD mandate. I really don’t think he wanted to listen to me. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.