Engine Spotlight

John Baxter | November 30, 2010

Volvo D16

Configuration: In-line, 6 cylinder direct-injection

Capacity: 984 cu. in. (16.1 L)

Bore and stroke: 5.67.x 6.50 in. (144 x 166 mm)

Compression ratio: 16:1

Dry weight: 3,036 lb.

Governed speed: 2,000 rpm

Power and torque: 550 hp @ 2,000 rpm (575 hp peak); 1,850 lb.-ft. @ 1,100 rpm

Engine brake capacity: 340 hp @ 1,500 rpm

Injection system: Camshaft driven, dual-valve electronic unit injectors; rear camshaft drive with torsional damper

Turbocharger: Sliding nozzle variable geometry

Lube oil capacity: 55 qt. (52 liters)

Oil filtration: Two full-flow filters, one bypass

Standard oil change: 35,000 miles

Fuel filtration: Engine-mounted primary filter

Emission control: Water-cooled EGR with stainless steel EGR cooler and dual-path balanced flow EGR valve, selective catalytic reduction.

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