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Owner-operators sound off on recorders, harassment

| April 27, 2012
  • Marty Marsh

    This is funny,no comments,of course we won’t mention this to anyone.

  • Todd Dills

    What do you attribute to, Marty? Judging by the site traffic, plenty of folks are reading it, at least. . .

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  • Bobby Moore

    There’s a few things that could help with eliminating H.O.S Violations.

    1: the Shippers and receivers either get trailers loaded or unloaded in a timely manner;

    2: Shipper / receiver allows overnight parking with facilities available during 10hr break.

    3: Change rules where if driver takes a 2 or 3 hr power nap it extends 11/14 hr clock.

  • Mike Jones

    For company drivers..Hourly Pay might be best…detention at shippers would sure come to a halt…somebody has to PAY for the driver to sit and wait?? Cool………it could have a better effect on Hours of Service vs paid by the Mile too……Driver SHOULD be paid for Sleeping in a dumb truck too…they pay the Walmart Drivers for sleeper time…they can Pay the rest of us!!!

  • Dave Jesse

    So we had expert testimony from a driver that is using hearsay from other drivers .has he Tilden curl ever used e logs on a daily basis. What is he afraid of? Yes you can manipulate the e logs just like paper. If we are on e logs we might get the shippers to change, I’m on e logs and have no problems with harassment etc, by tomorrow night I will have done 2000 miles from Friday till Monday night and still have hrs left! What’s the problem

  • DodgePaul

    As an owner/op, I see the cost factor as one of the larger problems. Maybe Werner can afford to add an extra 2500 to the cost of every truck but what about the small guys? Also I haven’t seen anybody discuss the electrical glitches that ALL electrical products face daily. Has anyone here ever had a problem with their smartphone?? Suppose the EOBR shuts off or deletes a days worth or weeks worth of records? All electronics freeze, crash or break. Do we get stuck OOS as if my log book flew out the window or my dog ate it? Yes so if I’m running 100% legit and the government mandated EOBR has a problem I get screwed for playing by there rules when paper logs never created that possibility of on issue. Seems like a large problem no one has discussed. The paper system has worked for decades. Leave it be and tighten up the scales, we all know the differences from one scale operator to the next. Good mood or bad mood of the person behind the desk is the biggest factor allot of the times.

  • sick of it

    I’m wondering how many other folks out there that have their own authority with one or two trucks are sick to death of being lumped into the same category as a company with 10-500 trucks? I’ve got two trucks hauling potatoes I’m not being harassed by “dispatch” I’m not some general freight hauler, and this isn’t just a job it’s my lifestyle…every day my dream is getting harder to live. Not feeling very patriotic lately strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.