EPA sued over biodiesel push

| November 28, 2012

The American Petroleum Institute has sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over its September-announced mandate that 1.28 billion gallons of biodiesel be used in 2013. The group says using biodiesel will drive up the cost of regular diesel and says biodiesel producers have a history of engaging in fraudulent activity related to selling fuel credits to oil refiners.

The EPA touts biodiesel as a clean resource of turning vegetable oil and waste oils into usable diesel and as a way to break dependence on foreign oil.

For the full report, see Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s article.

  • skepticalvoter

    “The EPA touts biodiesel as a clean resource of turning vegetable oil and waste oils into usable diesel and as a way to break dependence on foreign oil.”

    Not at all surprised. The EPA is a governmental agency whose powers have vastly grown under the current Administration. Everyone is well aware of President Obama’s push for Green and driving up the cost of diesel would play right into his plans. You can not turn “green” before it’s time and it’s time has not yet come. We will need oil and there by diesel until “green” has come full circle. To do otherwise is to cut the economy’s nose off to spite it’s proverbial face.

  • v. uachbar

    Good for API. The current EPA has gone far beyond its intended boundaries and does not represent any of my interests. It has been proven that the EPA will do anything including the falsification of evidence to advance its own regulatory causes

  • OTRDriver

    Once again Big Oil and their friends attempt to maintain the strangle hold on the American Trucking Industry and the people of the United States. It seems we have forgotten Diesel Fuel is a by-product of the refineing process of gasoline, Maybe you are too young to remember when Diesel Fuel was CHEAPER than gasoline. Your hate for Government Regulations and the intended protections to the general public from those who would love to exploit you just amaze me

  • Bibendum

    OTRDriver, please don’t be so nasty. Diesel fuel is more costly due to global demand, not because of refining costs. Regulation has certainly added to input costs for all petroleum industries. Biofuel may well be a piece of the puzzle in the future, but there is no doubt that government fiat runs counter to the free market principles of the nation. Hatred for Big Oil can cloud your judgement as well. Remember, please, that Big Oil companies work hand-in-glove with Big Govt to manipulate the marketplace. If you hate Big Oil as deeply as you appear, then recognize that Big Govt, including today’s EPA and the Obama Administration, are working TOGETHER to purposefully create the adverse petroleum market we all live with today. EPA hurts small business, pure and simple. Were it not for government subsidy, the biofuel industry would not exist as it does today, not because of Big Oil’s ‘strangle hold’ on industry, but because it is an inferior fuel, it is excessively costly, and it distorts the food market. Get Gov’t out of Oil, and Oil out of Gov’t and let the free market work. Then you can find someone new to hate.

  • mousekiller

    Among other things the cost is higher for diesel than gasoline due to the cracking process of taking out sulfur and putting in chemicals that replace sulpher.. Then come the all encompassing TAXes. There is federal tax. State tax. Local tax, county tax and several other taxes that sollegislators of all size governments from fed to local like to dump on the transportation system.. the only fix is for drivers to let their legislators know it is ot working. If gasoline was taxed just like diesel the public out cry would get changes made.

    A work shut down of 2 weeks will get their attention and changes will be done. How ever today;s driver is working on such a short budget that they cannot afford the time off to improve their own job in the industry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.m.baxter.5 John M. Baxter

    Biodiesel is an okay fuel–provided you don’t exceed the engine manufacturer’s percentage in your fuel, and you take special care to keep water out of your tanks. It may, indeed, be a viable alternative to mineral oil and reduce cruide prices. But, I, for one, am not fully convinced that its use will reduce global warming. Trucks burning even 20% biofuel will still put essentially the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. Unless planting more soybeans or another biodiesel source somehow increases photosynthesis, why should burning the stuff be any better for the battle against climate change than using regular mineral diesel fuel? If this theory is correct, should the EPA really be pushing use of bio-fuels?

  • bigred

    I`m tired of you guys taking up for the gov and undermining the ones of us trying to stay in business…..If you don`t have a clue about business, please don`t try and fake it as we can clearly see you don`t

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