Extended Stay

| July 01, 2009

Hess, likewise, recommends to his owner-operator customers to holds speeds to 68 mph to extend truck life. By limiting your speed, you reduce wind resistance and enhance fuel economy, he says.

Jorge Heredia, leased to Central Refrigerated Service in Phoenix, slows down when he isn’t under a tight deadline. He also tries to reduce the wear and tear on his truck and improve fuel economy by taking lighter loads and lanes that avoid mountains.
In 2007 Heredia bought a used 2005 Kenworth W900 with 230,000 miles on it. The mileage is up to 656,000 and he would like to trade, but the weak economy is dousing those plans, he says. In the meantime, he’s likely to add side fairings and other features to make his truck more aerodynamic. As it is, he says he gets 7.2 mpg.

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