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Tire rotation

John Baxter | March 01, 2010
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  • M.Beckmann aka “The Dude”

    I found this information very usable and confirming my own. But… I have an unusual circumstance with this truck. Explanation: I had all new Firestone FD690 Drives @ the start. Then I purchased 2 “off brand” drives on Alcoa wheels for cheap. I then started sending in 2 @ time, my Firestones for Bandag Megatread recapping. With turnaround times one
    set of 2 have been on the longest, Due to my lack of tracking I’m not sure
    which 2 they are. My BAD ! As it sits the Rt. Rear are worn the most.
    It is also my belief that position apply,s the Most Torque !
    Hence I will be rotating just the Rt. Rear Drives with the Forward Lt’s.
    That still look new and will match the Lt. Rear drives beautifully.
    As for my 2 “Sacrificial” tires they got capped and put on my trailer.
    Interested to hear if anyone else has done this “Unorthodox” practice and
    confirmation or rebuttal to the Rt, Rear pulling the most Torque.
    O/O since 7-7-97 pulling Beer or Soda against Gross all the time.
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