Featured article: A doubles life

By John Baxter | October 01, 2009

• Inspect the pintle hook because its eye can rattle, which increases wear on the eye and horn on the hook. Parts should be replaced before the device becomes so loose that it rattles.

• Inspect the upper latch to make sure its locking mechanism is holding it securely.

• Pay close attention to the electrical cables, gladhands and other connections and seals, which are more extensive on doubles. Ed Geiger carries extra gladhand seals for handy replacement as soon as they show signs of wear or cracks.

• Be especially diligent with overall suspension and alignment maintenance. Loose or misaligned suspension parts cause more trouble on doubles because all improper motion is accentuated.

• Do not set the rear axle of the front trailer too far forward. If more than 30 inches from the pintle hook, it goes through too wide a range of motion as the tractor turns. The trailers may collide with each other unless you have an unusually long tongue on the converter dolly.

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