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Feds arrest former USA Dry Van Trucking executives

| September 06, 2013

Federal officials have arrested three men who formerly held top-ranking positions at USA Dry Van Logistics for alleged involvement in a $26 million fraud scheme.

Sergio Lagos, 44, Aurelio “Jim” Aleman, 59, and Oscar Barbosa, 50 were set for an Aug. 27 initial appearance in Houston’s U.S. district court, according to the FBI. Lagos had been the Texas-based company’s former chief executive officer, while Aleman and Barbosa had served respectively as chief operations officer and former controller.

A six-count federal indictment charged the McAllen residents with wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. From March 2008 through January 2010, the trio is charged as fraudulently obtaining funds through a revolving line of credit from GE Capital Corp.

After that scheme was discovered, the company entered bankruptcy proceedings. USADV currently operates with new owners after successfully reorganizing under Chapter 11.

The men allegedly concealed USADV’s declining operating performance and finances. GECC had issued a revolving line of credit that had been secured by misrepresenting accounts receivables. As a result, GECC incurred a loss of more than $26 million.

Each of the six counts of the indictment carries a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine.

  • Guest

    MoreFraud and Corruption in Trucking…so Typical.
    Surprised they dont Arrest more every day…..

  • g

    These Mexican criminal “executives” just wanted a better life”……ahahahahah They are certainly not the only ones here committing crimes against unsuspecting Americans.

  • Alexandra

    You automatically assume they are from Mexico? Two of them were born and raised here, educate yourself before you make stupid comments. I’m so sure Americans never commit crimes right? You are an idiot.

  • g

    Criminals wanting a Free ride off the Trucking Industry…we need to arrest alot of them…..
    They are nasty Savages…..with mexican Names…figure it out….idiota.

  • Alexandra

    Wow your grammar and punctuation is horrible. I agree there are a lot of criminals in the trucking industry, but you assuming most are Mexican? You are the idiota! And savages, what a joke. They are born and raised AMERICANS who committed crimes, you are a racist and a bigot. I’m honestly laughing at you because you are calling me and idiot and you, obviously, have the education of a 5th grader and I feel like I’m insulting 5th graders by lumping you in there.

  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    Sergio Lagos, 44,
    Aurelio “Jim” Aleman, 59,
    and Oscar Barbosa, 50

    If those aren’t Mexican names, then i’ll kiss your ass.
    Are you dense ?

  • martymarsh

    What, corruption in the upper realms of the trucking world, this just can’t be.

  • martymarsh

    Would it make you feel any better if you were absolutely sure it was Americans screwing Americans.

  • Alexandra

    YES, they are Mexican names, nowhere did I say they weren’t, his comment was “These Mexican criminal “executives”” they are Americans with Mexican names. Do you understand?

  • Jon McLaughlin

    Actually, the name Aurelio is Italian.

  • g

    Upon researching this company we find 98% of the drivers are “hispanics”…..we can be sure those ARRESTED are
    mexicans….and lying cheating thieves.
    You can sugar coat and wear rose colored glasses if you like but trucking is being over run by Mexican crooks and illegal aliens….these 3 mexican Criminals are going to prison and they are only a spit in the bucket of all the criminal aliens in trucking today and NOT going to jail…..YET.

  • g

    They are Braceros……and now they are Braceros going to Prison for being the lying thieving criminal savages that they are….there are alot More of these scumbags in trucking…making our industry a breeding ground for dirty animals such as these freaks.

  • Alexandra

    You have no idea what you are talking about obviously. No use arguing with an idiot.

  • g

    Those nasty pig savages…cross border CROOKS.
    Destroying America….98% of their drivers are “hispanics”..they have 500 trucks, 2000 trailers…who knows what OTHER crimes they were comitting….Thank You NAFTA…we NEED this crap in our country??? As soon as they we Found Out by their BANK and had STOLEN $26 Million Dollars…they declared Bankruptcy??? The Cops dont check these companies out too good do they???
    They can spot an AMERICAN trucker with a light bulb out from a Mile away..but can Never Arrest a mexican until it is WAY too Late. In THIS case $26 Million too late!!! Oh Gee a mexican CRIMINAL???? Gee…we better do something BARNEY!!!!!!!

  • Alexandra

    Actually one of them is originally from Chile. You know, in South America, wait, he’s from south of our border he must be a Mexican, right? Hispanics are originally from Spain, so again you are wrong. The other two are born and raised in the US, so I think that would make them Americans.

  • Alexandra

    Out too good? You are very intelligent, sir!

  • g

    Much more common useage in MEXICAN names…….could be Portuguese or Italian… this case it is a mexican on his way to Prison where he belongs……..LOL

  • MrPresidentCFO

    And where are the arrest from the Pilot-Flying J corruption?

  • juan_smith

    leave his grand mother out of this!

  • Daniel Kupke


  • g

    What other criminal stuff are these Cross Border mexicans doing to destroy America even Further than they already are?? Where is Anne Ferro when ya need her??? Looking at a light bulb and making sure an infraction stays on a driver’s record for 3 years….while mexicans are Hauling narcotics up and down our highways???? Illegal alines drivers fill up our truckstops and weigh stations and Anne doesnt say a word?? Seems odd doesnt it??

  • eddy

    Pointing out others grammer doesn’t make you better, it makes you less of a person. Go away

  • stp

    i am incline to agree with whats being said in this case / its incomprehensible / its inconceivable & its incongruous inconsistency is inconsequential cause the damage is been done / but the one thing i am comprehensible & conclusive with , is that all whites (crackers) are inbreds & that at this very moment are being mass produced at some plant in corn hole IOWA by a huge rusty metallic shit box that some mexican operates by stepping on a foot paddle & pulling down on a hand lever & from the rear end of this huge rusty metallic shit box farts out one more useless & worthless white inbred that some how will worm his way to wall street & worsen are already weaken economy & then its up to asians to fix or finance (BAIL OUT) the disaster / but no matter what happens in this great nation of are,s & who does what to who / will defend it to the death , as so many of us have done over the years !!!

  • Jack

    Actually, she is a better person. She didn’t judge the men based on their ethnicity, while g did just that. She’s pointing out that his grammar is not up to par. I don’t think many people would listen what this g person has to say considering he isn’t ver intelligent. So in the grand scheme of things she isn’t less of a person, she is an intelligent person, therefore better. Maybe you should go away and teach him something eddy. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.