Feds investigating bus, truck crash that left 10 dead, dozens injured

| April 14, 2014

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a collision in California between a FedEx truck and a charter bus of high school students that left 10 dead and at least 30 injured.

The truck crossed Interstate 5’s median near Orland and crashed into a charter bus about 5:41 p.m. April 10, according to the NTSB. Nineteen students from 16 schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District were headed to Humboldt State University’s Preview Plus, according to the LAUSD.

District officials said they did not know if the five students who died were enrolled in LAUSD schools because students throughout Southern California participate in the HSU annual event.

Fatalities also included the truck and bus drivers and a HSU admissions officer, according to the university. Two other buses of high school students arrived without incident for the two-day event at the Arcata-based HSU. The university sponsors the two-day event for low-income and first-generation prospective college students from the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas campus.

FedEx said the company is cooperating fully with the investigation. “All of us at FedEx are deeply saddened by the tragic highway accident in California,” the April 11 statement read. “Our hearts go out to all of those involved and their families.”

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  • shadow hauling

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but it seems to me that fed ex drivers are driving faster and taking more chances than they ever did before. I personally hate to see them near me on the road. I don’t know if the company is pushing them or if they have reached the bottom of the barrel for drivers. What do the rest think ? I’m I right or is it just me ? I hate to criticize other drivers because I know I’m not perfect either but they scare me when they are around. This is coming from a driver that had high respect for them and UPS back in the late 70 early 80’s

  • Stringbean

    I agree with you. I and others have talked at times about the way they speed—thinking they want to get freight there faster than UPS.

  • Mind Games

    FedEx owner ops always drives faster than everyone else. It’s pay by mile what else would you expect?

    This accident is a result of political greed NOT just the will to stay in business but political back office back slapping is the underlying cause of this.

    No not the left vs right politics! Speaking of that subject, you drivers kill me with one party is better than the other RIGHT after some right or left political show ends in XM radio. Like you just got the inside scoop?
    Yea right…. What you got was an ear full of propaganda!!!
    And the sad part is you are paying for it too!!!

    Back on subject… We continue to dance around the real problems in our country because we are truth be told afraid of our government!

    Just like in a mafia movie anyone of us could come up missing.
    Just like in Logan’s Run we could be wiped out the system too!

    These kids are dead because of lies and greed and because we are too afraid to speak out and say this was YOUR fault lawmakers! Your fault DOT! Your fault FMCSA!!! Your fault Corporate America!!!

    Stop blaming the driver!!! If he was as they say speeding in California then the corrupted law needs to be looked at and overthrown!

    If the fact that pay by mile caused this it too should be overthrown.

    We all know the influence that the ATA has on their political prostitutes in power and they too should be overthrown and thrown overboard and that goes for anybody else taking bribes!

    These super rich good ol boys have bought and paid for these unsafe laws and where are they now???
    They lobbied for this split speed limit and you never ever see them in front of a microphone do you??? “Yea we pimped that lawmaker and so what are you going to do about it??? That my hooked I own her or cough gag cough him and if it makes the highways unsafe so what I’m trying to save fuel!!”

    It’s so bad the ATA is lobbying to get cars turned down too??.

    You guys see the sign on the side of the road in those states that haven’t been corrupted that’s my governor on my car I don’t need the ATA’s governor or any corrupted governor under the hood of MY car!

    I’m not here to quarterback this accident from the news at six view I will quarterback it from the founding fathers round table and what they intended the country to be and that was corruption free as well as safe and you don’t have a safe country by making up more laws as you go along.

    Don’t believe??? Ask the Chinese…

  • Frankly Speaking

    I’m a conrtact driver employee. FYI…trucks with blue and red lettering are Fed-Ex company drivers ; blue and green lettering are contractor/ owner-operators.
    All ten of my boss’s trucks are limited to 63.5 MPH….(downhill they can go faster, of course)
    Yes, both contractors, and company trucks make good time with the ‘resources’ available. However, I want to meet the driver “who casts the last stone, Hoss”…… Know what I mean??
    Pray for these folks, and pray it never happens to you….
    Thank you for any “constructive criticisms”. After twenty years on the highway…I appreciate experience more then ever…. you know, and I know “go-fasters” only last 2-3 years..
    I’m proud of what I do, and who I work for…….are YOU??

  • guest

    They need to check the fed Ex driver’s Phone record…he may have been texting or distracted…he made a wild move to get into the median…..that aint normal…..

  • alamo

    Since this was California and Fed Ex has a large fleet of alternate fueled vehicles, does anyone know if this was a LNG fueled tractor?

  • bigred

    This is a prime example of ELD~S and being PUSHED by big Gov and big trucking. I don`t doubt he had his foot through the floorboard as these drivers never slow down for the above reasons..

  • 17 years driving

    Sorry but 63.5 mph is a hazard on the highway. However I agree that more experience is key in safety.

  • Frankly Seaking

    As I look at the cloud nest to both sides of the rear trailer, your comment about the LNG is interesting. Having seen videos in training films about large Propane fires, this looks very similar considering the type of fire bal that seems to have been created, here. Take a look at the ‘clouds’ of what looks like ‘mist’ next to the rear of the tail trailer. I would guess. It could be more fuel vapor from somewhere…..The driver’s cab could have been fully engulfed with flame before he went into the median, and out of control. This should prove to be an interestin investigation.

  • jozett

    I totally 100% agree with you. I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and they are just getting worse and worse. I don’t understand it. The majority of most of the fatality accidents I’ve seen had a fed ex truck involved. Most of the time they are following so close to other vehicles they usually end up driving through or over them. I blame Fed Ex as a company. They put too much pressure on their drivers to get there no matter what. And this is what happens! A few years ago, I pulled into a rest area because tornados wet tearing it up down the road, a UPS driver pulled in and as we were all running for cover he told me that if this load was late, and he didn’t die in this tornado, he was gonna be fired! I was horrified and scared for him. I asked him why?? And he said the money was amazing..

  • trucker

    o that will be for sure one thing they will check for sure

  • Frankly Speaking

    FYI—- 55 MPH is the current speed limit for Class 8 vehicles in the State of California…… so, I’m not sure how hazardous trucks are that are limited to 63.5 MPH….. If you are paying attention to what’s in front of you….they should not be hazard anywhere in this country.

  • KJ

    I agree with you,I drive a fuel tanker and they blow by me and was almost side swiped by one near Redding, Ca last night

  • localnet

    Same here, many FedEx drivers drive like idiots. They don’t impress me in the least, and sometimes scare the hell out of me when they weave through traffic with the hammer down swinging those trailers around. I have had my share of close calls with these yahoos too, that I slow down and get on that white line until they pass. I’m surprised that they are allowed, or forced to drive the way they do. I run expedite, and as long as I keep that door closed I have plenty of time to do my job.

  • v8headers

    One thing missed here is maybe the driver had a medical problem all that is going on right now is speculation.Need to wait on the autopsy report.

  • Joel

    FedEx has some of the most unsafe rude and discourteous drivers in the USA most That I have problems with can’t even Speek english have poor lane control and have no idea how to use mirrors. I have seen them with laptops on the dash playing movies rolling down the road with both feet on the dash. Roads would be safer without FedEx

  • localnet

    You work for UPS, admit it!

  • Frankly Speaking

    I hope you read what the Speed limit is, for Class-8 trucks, in California, and other places, besides being observant of what’s in front of you.

  • allan

    With an EOBR you got to make time and that means a drivers thoughts are going to be on how much time do I have left to get to where I got to be. Safety?

  • guest

    Yep they are always in a hurry…..alot of pressure to be ON TIME or Else…No excuses for being late…..Stress……

  • g

    No DOUBT about that!! Great Comment!!

  • Robert Ostreicher

    FedEx as a company is very bad on now it treats it’s workers. First it wants them to be independent contractors but controls them like an employee. Second they don’t pay well. Most FedEx tractors pulling doubles down the road are owned by fleet owners, they in turn hire the cheapest entry level drivers they can find, then run them as hard as they can and threaten them if the freight is delayed because of traffic or weather.
    UPS is a whole other story. Their drivers are Teamsters with good benefits, pay, and union representation. UPS drivers are much more safety focused.

  • Patty Adams

    Alot of you are pointing fingers without the knowledge of what really happened.. My heart goes out to all the families that lost loved ones that day..It was aweful what happened…

  • USMC 69-75

    Nothing normal about any “ACCIDENT”! But right away you want to point
    the finger at the “TRUCK DRIVER” as the scape goat, deepest pockets.
    Wait till the investigation is over before you bring out your lynch

  • Andrew

    You are a dumb ass. FedEx has consistently been voted one of the best places to work in the nation. Your claim is based on personal opinion and not valid.

  • Frog

    Was this truck propane powered ?

  • Robert Ostreicher

    Hahaha if anyone is a dumb ass I’d have to say it’s you. I just stated the facts as they are. You might not like the facts but that doesn’t change them.

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