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Website Features Roadside Tourist Spots

RE: Max Kvidera’s article, R & R on the Road in the July issue. Mr. Kvidera pretty much described the essence of my website,, in his article. For the last few years I have been using photos and words to capture interesting stops. The stops are listed in order, in Next Exit format, and focus on fine dining, culture and adventure. Feedback has been enthusiastically positive. I invite you to take a look.

Karl Kuntz

Spokane, Washington

Was the punishment received by the men who were accessories to trucker Jason Rivenburg’s murder fair? Why or why not?


Thirty days!!!! They are sentenced to 30 days?!?!?!?! To be served on weekends????!!!!

— Lynn C.

Are you kidding me, 30 days (weekends at that, so, what, they can go to work during the week and support their families … ha!). Jason doesn’t have that option anymore, why should these two?

— Kathy B.

The U.S. Judicial System is a joke that only works for you if you are a criminal. Thirty days … That’s all I need to say to explain why it is a joke. These worthless scum took an innocent family man’s life, and that’s what they (the judicial system) see as fair justice. We as truck drivers get harsher penalties for a log book violation.

— Tim L.

Truck drivers get worse penalties for log book violations than a slap on the hands! “Accessories” are just as guilty as the one who pulled the trigger! Thirty freaking days? And people have the audacity to wonder why truckers, like my husband and many others, want laws that protect them and their families? Duh! What the courts don’t realize is they just sentenced all truckers and their families! Truckers and their families worry constantly about crap like this!! Trucker’s spouses just got one more thing to be scared out of our minds about!

— Renee D.

You get more for littering. God has a way of dealing with those who break his laws.

— Bobby F.

This sentence is an insult to the Rivenburg family, to the law enforcement officers, to the people of South Carolina and to the South Carolina judicial system. Is this really how precious human life is?

— Traci A.

As a driver for the past 15 years, I have seen the amount of trucks on the road increase and the amount of spaces stay the same. Even when they open another travel center, (there is no such thing as truckstops anymore) we have to contend with the RV driver, which forces us to park in less secured areas. Someone needs to create and enforce laws to give us drivers more parking, or force these shippers and receivers to let us park on the premises. If it’s OK for us to be parked there when we are unloading, or loading, why not while waiting for our appointment time? As I was told at a Wal-Mart, it’s because of insurance reasons. I said, “I can’t sit here for one hour till my appointment, but it’s OK for them to make me wait four hours while they load or unload me? What’s the difference, really?” To which I just got a blank stare.

— Michael W.

Old school driver agrees with article

I agree with everything you said in your [July cover] article [“Old School vs. New School Drivers”], but here’s something else you forgot about them schoolhouse truckers. Let’s not forget about the waterheads that ride in the center lane at 62 mph in a 70 mph zone. I asked one once about being not only stupid but inconsiderate, and he said his safety man said that’s where he should ride because it was safer. Oh yeah, getting passed on the left and right is much safer. What an idiot! I gave him my cell number and asked him to please tell his so-called safety man to call me, and I’ll tell him how stupid he is.

Great article you have here. I’ve been around trucking since I was 12 years old, and now I’m 57. I think I’m considered old school, and I love it.

Steve Isgett

Sophia, N.C.

Weighing in on BMI

First of all I don’t think the government needs to stick its Pinocchio nose in truckers’ BMI. Again they show their short-sightedness.

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