Truckers News Staff | November 01, 2010

The one boss who was on with the three others told me that he was going to add them all again up on their adding machine, and if he can not find them, then he will go into the freezer and count them all by himself.

He was sitting down, and I was sorta next to him, looking at him, and he was just carrying on about that adding machine, and banging it.

Well, he got it going and sure enough he found my turkeys and re-signed my bills with the count as it should have been: “right.”

I was pulling out and closed my doors, and I then walked around to the front office and asked to speak to the owner. He came out and I went inside his office and told him what just happened on his docks and also told him I wonder how many other drivers have been coming up short with their loads as they tried to short me for their turkey day? He was honest to our Lord and wanted to know who they were and whether I would report their company, and I told him the names and told him that I have a CB radio and will let all the drivers know about his company and that’s good enough for me.

I called the company, and they said that their drivers were coming up short at that company and told them they will not come up short anymore. They thanked me much.

Suzi North, Chandler, Okla.

What have you done to prepare for CSA 2010?


Educate, educate, educate. … I think our drivers have a pretty good understanding of the CSA 2010 Program.

— Toni T.

Our company had us take the quiz and read all the material on CSA 2010 a few months ago. They are updating us on any changes monthly. All we can do is keep our equipment up to snuff and do everything the way we have been in the past.

— Audrey S.

I don’t like the way the new drivers drive or all the bull that is going on. I liked it better the old way, when everybody got along and did not cut you off or tell on everything that somebody does. But just like the railroad and the airlines the government ran them into ground where the little man does not have a chance. And trucking is on the fast track along with them.

— Steve S.

I have tried to learn everything I can about it so I don’t have something jump up and bite me in the butt.

— Jamie R.

Absolutely nothing. Used the info on paper for toilet paper. Does it come in a softer version?

— Shawn L.

Changed to a looseleaf logbook and slowed down.

— Gi’ants P.

Not a thing. If good drivers are doing their jobs it should not affect them. Bad drivers? Well, you caused this, so have fun with it. Wouldn’t hurt the industry to lose some careless drivers.

— Scott K.

Haven’t done anything special. We’ve educated ourselves, but nothing will change in this truck. … safety first.

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