Truckers News Staff | November 01, 2010

— Beth Z.

We will continue business as we have in the past, good pretrips and taking care of our truck. We have zero points going into this, and we plan on this trend to continue.

— Linda C.


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What are you most thankful for this year?

“Just to drive. I haul cars, but, still, just to have some freight and keep the wheels turning.”

— Marlin Smith, San Antonio, Texas, driver for GNS Auto Transportation

“Health. My family. Life in General.”

— Andy Butler, Bushnell, Fla., owner-operator leased to Landstar

“My health. Being able to do my job, do it safely and get home and see my family.”

— Linwood Mills, Durham, N.C., driver for PAM Transport

“Having a job. I know a lot of people who are unemployed, so I’m just thankful for a job.”

— Julian LeBron, Orlando, Fla., driver for U.S. Express

“Life. The economy is still down, but I’m still making a living.”

— Richard Fletcher, Columbia, S.C., driver for Stans Transport

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