Finally! Freight to haul

Phil Madsen | April 13, 2012

I learned today the names and faces of three Landstar agents we have previously worked with by phone. Learned by visiting their agency.

Diane and I woke up this morning at the TA truck stop in Troy, Ill., near Saint Louis, Mo. As described in my blog posts in the last few days, we worked our way to Saint Louis from Arizona to better position ourselves for freight.

An agent called us this morning with a load going to California. I explained that we had just been marooned out west and had no intention of going back anytime soon. We’d go east at a very reasonable price but would not go west unless the agent could guarantee us a way out. He could not so that ended the call.

I don’t talk about our truck destinations when it is under load so I’ll have to wait a few days to post what happened next. It will be posted under tomorrow’s date but not until we have completed Thursday’s delivery. I can say that something developed and, in the space of a few minutes, I was able to get us dispatched on two loads that will get us running this afternoon and keep us running until next Thursday.

We also received word from an agent who has freight to ship next Friday. It’s too early to know if we can reach that pick up or not but the possibility exists.

The first load picked up as scheduled this afternoon. It’s nice to have freight on the truck again.

Big-Bore Engines Making Big Comeback. Don’t Compromise.

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