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Todd Dills

Finding happiness with Dutch trucking music

| February 05, 2012

De weg naar geluk, per the nifty Google Translator service, is The road to happiness in Dutch. It also happens to be a song title for a country tune from across the pond by Dutch country singer Henk Wijngaard, with Silvia Swart. Wijngaard is known for his trucking music. Below, find a vid for the song to satisfy idle Sunday curiosity.

And here’s a question: Does every country in the world have a trucking troubadour? Any Wijngaard fans out there?

(And, almost forgot: go Giants…)

  • Bandit

    Great post Todd, It’s good to see our brothers and sisters from across the pond being included here. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.