Fit for business: Owner-Operators of the Month

| November 26, 2012

The team never accepts loads until they’ve figured their potential profit; they strategize by examining cost per mile versus the profit.

Randy Schole, owner of Country Tire in Bakersfield, knew the Moores prior to trucking and provides their tires now. “They have a good, solid control of their business—and know to the penny what it costs to run their truck on the highway,” Schole says. “Besides that, they are refreshingly honorable and down-to-earth.”

Mind the load

Tom and Karen pull flatbed so it’s imperative their loads are aerodynamic and light if possible.

“Part of watching our expenses is watching what we are hauling—we can pull an empty shipping container and it’s like pulling a parachute (a lot of wind resistance), but we can put a heavy object on the trailer, like building supplies, and we get better mileage because it works better with the flatbed,” Tom says.

Portray professionalism

“We watch drivers at truck stops throw out entire bags of trash or use the bathroom right beside their trucks without a care in the world,” Karen says. They, however, have made it habit to pick up the thrown-out trash in front of the culprit and dispose of it.

“We are hoping it makes drivers think twice – curing one trucker at a time,” Tom says. “Actions like that are representative of his or her company.” Chris Meusy, owner of Fast Way Transport, has worked with the team for many years and admires the personality and professionalism they bring to driving.

“It’s a tough market to be in, overrun with people that want to break the law and cut corners,” Meusy says. “They have a love for what trucking should be and hopefully will be someday.”

Enjoy the job

“We can’t think of anything else we want to do, because we get to spend every day together on an adventure, instead of separately in an office,” Karen says.

Tom agreed that it’s definitely an adventure, and the payoff is worth the work.

“It’s a hard job, but once it’s over, you feel like a million dollars,” Karen said. “You get adrenaline highs—and we’re all about adrenaline highs.”

  • Frank

    Great article! It’s great to hear about couples who enjoy working together and running their business like a business.

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