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| April 02, 2008

CalArk Honors 3-Million-Miler
CalArk International Inc. recently honored Johnny Thompson of El Dorado, Ark., for logging 3 million accident-free miles. Dennis Hilton, CalArk safety director, presented Thompson with a plaque and a monetary award.

Thompson has been with CalArk for 20 years and is considered a mentor by other drivers and office employees. He is always assisting others while on the road, offering help to stranded motorists or purchasing a meal for those in need. CalArk considers Thompson to be a person of the highest integrity and is honored to have him as a part of the company.

Transport America December Drivers
Minnesota-based truckload carrier Transport America recently announced its December Drivers of the Month for 2007. Each driver is recognized for his or her outstanding service to Transport America and the company’s customers.

Company drivers selected for December were Brad Clevenger, who has been with Transport America for three years; Kirk Plankey, with the company for six years; and Palmer Boyd, with the company for one year.

Contractors selected for December were Gery Schonhardt, who has been with Transport America for 26 years; Franklin Jones, with the company for three months; and Margaret Debra, with the company for five years.

Central Freight Honors Safe Drivers
Central Freight Lines company driver Marvin Marshall recently achieved a career milestone when he was recognized for 15 years of safe driving with the company. Marshall, a resident of Dallas, received a ring as well as a silver/gold award from the company for his accomplishment.

Other drivers recently recognized by Central Freight Lines, who received a calculator, certificates, and folders for achieving four years of safe and accident-free driving, included Jackie Adams, Jeremiah Hill, Jimmy W. Mallonce Sr., Simon Cisneroe and Michael T. Miller.

Drivers receiving certificates and folders for achieving three years of safe and accident-free driving included John L. Lindsey, Michael B. O’Dea, Donna L. Braden, John W. Beene and Rogelio Villanueva.

Drivers receiving certificates and folders for achieving two years of safe and accident-free driving included Rocky T. Hinojosa, Carnlius E. Granville, Thomas P. Kellogg and Clarence T. Harris.

Drivers receiving certificates and folders for achieving one year of safe and accident-free driving included Richard D. Ballard, Gerardo Becerra, Jose A. Becerra, Scott T. McDonald, Eddie L. Jones, Theodore J. Vanburgh, Kurt J. Stump, Isaiah D. Tunson and Jose T. Luna-Barroso.

Million-Mile Landstar Drivers
Landstar System has recognized 116 men and women for their safety records and professionalism behind the wheel.

Collectively, these 116 owner-operators have safely driven a total of 126 million miles – a distance that would cover the 4 million miles of public roads in the United States nearly 32 times. On average, according to Landstar, it takes a truck operator 10 years to travel a million miles. The distance would take the typical driver of a passenger vehicle 67 years – around the time of their 83rd birthday – to complete.

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