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| June 01, 2005

The three drivers will represent the company at the National Truck Driving Championships in Tampa, Fla., in August.

Three other Gaffney drivers, Dennis Martin, Jim Combs and Steve Newsome, finished second in the twins, sleeper and five-axle categories, respectively. Martin was named Rookie of the Year for earning the highest score among all first-time championship competitors.

Maverick Drivers of the Month
Maverick Transportation’s 2005 January Driver of the Month is Vince Lester of Hinton, W.Va. The February Driver of the Month is David Bucci of Denton, Texas. The March Driver of the Month is Tom Douglas of New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Million Mile Club Inductees
Marten Transport inducted 34 new members into its Million Mile Club April 16 at the Holiday Inn Campus Area in Eau Claire, Wis.

Million Mile Club inductees were Chuck Adkins of Newburyport, Maine, Billy Baker of Radcliff, Ky., Dick Benson of Fairchild, Wis., George Bouchard of Riverside, R.I., Patricia and Randy Brim of Minerva, Ohio, Lee Demere of Bejou, Minn., Tyler Dorsey of Decatur, Ga., Doug Garber of Maryville, Ill., Ralph Harvey of Noblesville, Ind., Bob Head of Griffin, Ga., Dale Henderson of Rice Lake, Wis., Robert Horne of Easley, S.C., Marty Jensen of Shady Grove, Ore., John Lattig of Holladay, Tenn., William Lauderdale of Giolenda, Ill., Mark Love of Taylors, S.C., Dwayne Payton of Phoenix, Ariz., Marshall Platter of Houston, Texas, Robert Stevens of Ephrata, Wash., Charlie Tederman of Olympia, Wash., William Thomas of Allentown, Pa., Bertram Walker of Kingman, Ariz., Ken White of Springfield, Colo., and Gerald Wong of White Swan, Wash.

Two Million Mile Club inductees were Jeff Smith of New Castle, Ky., Tracy Gorden of Bayton, Texas, Lloyd Jones of Blue River, Ore., Lonny Stacey of Carlton, Ore., Fred Williams of Fairfield, Calif., Paul Bartlett of Montrose, Minn., Phineas Schrock of Greenwood, W.Va., Tony Myers of Keizer, Ore., and Mark Freeman of Mesa, Ariz.

Million Mile Club members must have at least a million miles of accident-free driving with Marten Transport.

Prime’s New Compensation Package
Prime’s new compensation structure for all current and future refrigerated division company drivers starts as high as 35.5 cents per mile, based on experience.

Some current drivers now earn as much as 62.5 cents per mile, including all bonuses, fuel surcharge and driver training programs.

The program rewards drivers based on the number of years they have driven and credits experienced drivers with mileage driven for future pay increases.

Prime has also increased the company’s contribution its employees’ 401(k) plans by 20 percent. All employees who have been with the company for one year are eligible for the 401(k) plan. Prime matches every employee dollar with a 50-cent contribution up to 6 percent of the employee’s gross pay.

Danny Herman’s Top Drivers
Jim and John Partin are the Danny Herman Trucking Drivers of 2004. The Partins, a team out of Mountain City, Tenn., drove more than 237,000 accident-free miles in less than 11 months in 2004. Alfred Truesdale is the Danny Herman Owner-Operator of 2004.

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