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| July 05, 2005

Ryder Drivers of the Year
Richard Mills, of Jacksonville, Fla., was named 2004 Driver of the Year for Ryder’s U.S. Supply Chain Solutions Automotive business segment. He has been a Ryder employee for 32 years and has driven 2.6 million collision-free miles in his career.

Robert Nichols, of Toledo, Ohio, was named 2004 Driver of the Year for Ryder’s U.S. Supply Chain Solutions High Tech and Consumer Industries. Nichols has more than 2.3 million collision-and-violation-free miles since he began driving in 1981.

Paul Beote, of Portland, Maine, was named Ryder’s Fleet Management Solutions 2004 Driver of the Year. Beote has worked with Ryder as a member of H.P. Hood Dairy Products since 1968. He has logged more than 3.1 million collision-and-violation-free miles in his 34-year career.

Each recipient will receive a five-day, four-night cruise to the Bahamas, a trophy, ring and watch, and will be inducted into the Ryder Driver Hall of Fame.

Barr-Nunn Ups Pay Package
Barr-Nunn raised its company over-the-road driver pay package.

Drivers with one to six years of verifiable OTR experience now make 39 cents per mile.

Drivers with seven or more years OTR experience will now make 40 cents
per mile.

Drivers also can now earn 1 cent per mile as a 401(k) contribution from Barr-Nunn in addition to their starting pay. The pay cap was also increased one cent, to 45 cents per mile.

Barr-Nunn also added PrePass Plus to its benefits list. PrePass Plus will replace the E-ZPass transponders. They enable drivers to bypass scales and pay tolls electronically.

They will be free of charge to all current company drivers, current owner-operators and new company drivers. New owner-operators will pay $3.25 a week for the first six months for the PrePass Plus service. After six months, Barr-Nunn will pay all of the cost.

SCRA Driver
The Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association recently awarded Steve Boozer of Bennett Motor Express with its Million Miler Safety Award. He was awarded with an engraved silver platter and letter of recognition from SCRA.

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