FMCSA denies request for pushing back hours compliance

| February 27, 2013

Will smartphone apps supplant logging-specific devices?

Per a letter from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration last week to the American Trucking Associations, there will be no delay in hours of service implementation, as requested by ATA in January.

ATA wrote a letter to FMCSA Jan. 25 requesting that the agency delay the compliance date of the hours of service rule scheduled to go into effect July 1 due to an ongoing civil suit between the two parties.

ATA’s argument was that all stakeholders involved with the rule would waste time and money training and preparing if a District of Columbia appeals court rules in favor of ATA.

FMCSA Chief Counsel Scott Darling says the uncertainty caused by the pending case is not sufficient criteria to delay the rule.

For the full story on FMCSA’s response, see Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s coverage.

  • Herb Williams

    My main complaint with the new changes concerns that fact that we can only take one restart every seven days. I don’t see the point in that. Who cares if we take a restart before a full seven days have expired? It just means we get a rest earlier. Are they trying to make sure we are good and tired before we take a restart? This move is indicative of a bureaucracy with nothing better to do than constantly make arbitrary changes that create confusion and cost the industry money. What a waste of tax payer funds! I sure hope the court sees the lunacy of the restart rule and throws it out. I will look forward to the day I can retire and get out from under these dunderhead’s thumbs!

  • Randy L Browne

    Why even have a restart because if have 10 hours off every day you get done driving your 11 hours. Us the drivers shouldn’t be any different than the regular person who works 8 or 10 hours a day plus might have a second job on the side, and probably doesn’t get even 10 hours sleep. We the truck driver.

    shouldn’t be made to be Robots

  • Myron Lind

    You can have a restart any time you want. I just has to include midnight to 6am or 1am to 5am periods, cant remember which they settled on.

  • Bill

    News rules state only one restart every 168 hours (ie once a week) AND must include two consecutive periods of 1-5 am periods within that reset. Otherwise you just get back zero hours on recap. This was driven by union employees.

  • sw

    if all trucks would shut down for just one week after they feel the pinch at the grocery store and every where else they just might think we’re serious about being left alone

  • William McKelvie

    Sorry but that is wrong.

  • William McKelvie

    They are trying to control how much you can earn. Once this gets done, next will be more taxes, and added health care costs to your current employer.

  • Hooty

    I gave up trucking after over 20 years on the road. I can tell you this will never happen, the trucker of today has no balls to do a nationwide shut down for a week. It will never happen. Just to top it off, you better check the feds laws, there is an Act on the books that prevents a nationwide shutdown of trucks, this happened when Hoffa threatened to do this if Congress did not give him his way, the Act was passed shortly after.

  • JB

    Maybe sequestration will happen, and the DOT will take a big hit. LOL

  • David S. McQueen

    The proposed HOS rule is complicated and requires management to devise new procedures to insure compliance (as much as possible, anyway). The REAL issue is the MAP-21 mandate that all CMVs have EOBRs installed within 2 years after the final FMCSA rule. That requires a huge capital expense and monthly charges. Eventually, EOBRs will be installed (mandatorily) by the manufacturers in ALL vehicles. It’s just a matter of time.

  • Ghostrider

    Listen driver’s. (1) Myron you need to proof read before you post this is the kind of stuff that makes you the truck drivers look really dum, you do know the difference between dum and stupid right if not let me know and I will tell you. (2) Truckers shut down for a WEEK? “LMAO” Here again you need to know the difference, You do not need to shut down 10 million trucks for a week to make your voice be heard that is really “DUM” it is so simple even most of you truck drivers can understand this. Are you ready for it ok wait on it wait…… Truck driver all across the USA need to agree to a time and date to walk away from your trucks for…… WAIT WAIT WAIT…. BAM 10 minutes what ever your are doing at the said time just walk away from it. Your fueling your truck just walk away from it don’t turn the pump off just stop pumping fuel, your driving, pull over to the side of the road, your loading your truck stop and walk away. GET IT? shut down 10 million trucks
    for a week no wonder you truck drivers are having a hard time with the Government.

  • Mercenary Trans

    Midnite to 6 !!!

  • Dingus P..

    One thng to remember; I’m from the government and I know whats best for you… You’re to stupid to realize when you’ tired’ have been on duty to long, or don’t feel well…. Now step back into the herd and quit complaining… It wont do you any good as you can see… I make the rules, I dont have to abide by them, you do… Welcome to the United Socialist States of Obama….

  • XXX

    Bureaucracy run amok, bureaucrats out of control

  • sw

    ghostryder you can call it dumb or stupid don’t matter if everyone shut down for one week it would get their attention and your voice would be heard loud and clear 10 mins is only a whisper that would fade just as fast

  • William McKelvie

    I could not agree more.

  • A L Kyser

    everyone wants a shut down so ill tell you how to do it and this bull sh.t government can do a dang thing about it ….here you go …. everyone get to geather and do your restar all at the same time let them have there bull crap restart and just shut them down better yet have half the trucking industry shut down at one time and the other half run till the fuel runs out as if you get the tankers to do a restart first then you are forced to shut down and the government cant make them move legally as its the law that they have to shut down so their you go now it called playing the game they decided to start as not to actually ask us the truckers how we felt about it like someone told me along time ago you are not me so how can we have the same sleeping habbits well thats a given as God has made everyone differant and the government just cant seem to get that threw their stupid heads but if they want everyone to shut down once a week then lets do it as in this world all it takes is 2 days for the fuel to run out and food as well so just let them have there rules and lets all abide by it so when it goes into effect than everyone needs to start their new time the day it goes into effect and this way everyone will be on their manditory shut down time at the same time just think about it drivers

  • Outlaw

    Ghostrider Before you start calling people “dum” and snaping at them about the difference between “dum and “stupid” please at least learn how to spell the word “dum” if you dont know how to spell it let me know and I will tell you!!!

  • Karen

    It appears that I will lose one coast to coast run a month because of these rules. I can’t pass this one because of my contract, so once again, I have to pay for the government to cost me money???? I think it is time to just do what the government seems to want us to do and that is to quit trying to make an honest living, go on welfare and let them “take care of us” and let the Mexicans come in to do our jobs.

  • dreamer

    what I don’t understand is why the idiots in Washington don’t listen to us, we are the ones who put them there to start with and if they don’t then we have the right to take them out too

  • rufus crank

    has any one thought that maybe the rule isnt about fatigue but about putting owner operators out of business. it is awful hard to pay the bills when driving on roll over minutes,and forcing drivers to shut down 2 days to get restart would make it even more difficult to become productive again. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.