FMCSA invalidating med cards issued by Georgia doc, drivers must be reexamined

| April 03, 2014

CDL holders who received medical certification from Dr. Paul Besdansky in Garden City, Ga., must be reexamined and certified by another medical examiner, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced. 


FMCSA makes med card retention extension official: Drivers must carry paper copy until 2015

Drivers must continue to carry paper copies of their medical examiner's certificate until Jan. 30, 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Jan. 10.

The agency said in a safety bulletin issued April 3 that it determined that the late Besdansky “failed to conduct proper [DOT] medical examinations in the period prior to his death,” therefore FMCSA is invalidating certificates signed by him. 

Med cards signed by Besdansky will be invalid starting May 2, FMCSA said. 

The agency did not say the problem with the med cards, but it did say the agency pegs most of the CDL holders with med certs from him live in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. 

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