FMCSA makes med card retention extension official: Drivers must carry paper copy until 2015

| January 10, 2014

medicalDrivers must continue to carry paper copies of their medical examiner’s certificate until Jan. 30, 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Jan. 10.

Per a 2008 rule, carrying paper copies of medical cards was set to be phased out at the end of this month in lieu of combining CDLs and medical certificates.


Medical certification deadline update: Extension to 2015 in the works

As the Jan. 30 deadline looms for CDL holders to self-certify their operating and medical credentials with their license-issuing state, drivers may still need to ...

However, due to some states not being able to fully comply, the agency said it is announcing the extension to “protect commercial drivers from being cited for violations” in states where the new system is not set up.

Drivers, however, still must comply with the rule’s requirement that they self-report their operating status and provide medical certification to their states by Jan. 30, 2014.

All states are handling the driver self-certifying differently, however, so drivers are urged to check with their state’s DMV to check for the proper procedure.

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ state-by-state guide is available by clicking here, but as reported by Overdrive earlier this week, that information could be outdated due to states changing their procedures later than the date the guide was put together, said Ed Pembles, driver services manager with the Idaho Department of Transportation. So, Pembles said, it’s best for drivers to check with their CDL-issuing state. 

Drivers who do not comply by the Jan. 30 deadline could lose their CDL privileges.

  • Michele Eshleman-O’Donnell

    Why is it we have to jump thru their hoops but oppsie, if they miss their time line they just delay it but we still have to get our part done…….talk about a flubbed up system!!

  • guest

    More Gov intrusion and dominion….but never any more MONEY???? Not much of a bargain being a trucker today/

  • kw6238b

    That’s a matter of who has power and who doesn’t. We have to jump through their hoops because they can make us. We can’t make them do anything. So if you don’t like the situation, how to change it? Acquire power, but today’s truck drivers don’t want it. They are against organizing. Which is just dumb. Some will go and vote, and turn their power over to a politician, some will turn their power over to OOIDA, but he hasn’t changed a thing, although he has gotten rich from drivers sending him their money while he’s telling them he stands up for them.

    The only way the working man and woman have ever got power is by organizing. It doesn’t have to be through the Teamsters but it has to be some way. There are drivers organizing in some places, like the port truckers on either coast, in other ways.

  • David S. McQueen

    The lack of coordination and the delay by the states in implementing a rule promulgated in 2008 (!) shows the citizens the absolute necessity of demanding (not “hoping” for) good government at all levels.

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    They told me at our DMV last year I didn’t need the hard copy any longer so it’s long been gone. Here we go again just like the expensive TWIC credential that’s still a worthless piece of crap that we continue to pay for but is only a photo flash card for the port police to examine. Do you actually think they can tell if it’s the real thing or fake? NO, not without a reader. The printers from the start have been duplicating them for the ones who can’t obtain one!. So I’ve no medical card now but I’m registered on a national data base which doesn’t even work yet. Well I guess maybe a class action suit will be in order when I’m pulled over for this new government boondoggle. Why bother attempting to do the right thing when they change the rules halfway through the ball game. No wonder so many are leaving this industry.

  • g

    Yep the TWIC is a Joke..when you go to the TSA office for Hazmat credentials the “Agents” are Foreigners with prison Tatoos who demand your personal information and take fingerprints and Photos…the “drivers” are mostly illegal aliens with Fake credentials..all speaking spanish….pathetic JOKE.

  • Horatio

    I make a motion to do away with medical cards all together!

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  • Cary Davis


  • James Reed

    How many people actually have the balls to shut down for a day or two?? You want solidarity??? SHUT DOWN EVERYONE…..

  • Guest

    Yep…Conway has voted in Teamsters Union in Laredo and other locations….just the beginning too….company drivers want MORE PAY for all this Aggravation…new regs every day…but no Raise In Pay?????

  • Guest

    Boston Tea Party was an example of men grouping together against Tyranny…..strikes are similar and necessary….Unions didnt Fight because they were Happy….they were pissed off and FED UP.

  • Guest

    I was at a TWIC Card official station to get a Hazmat renewal…..The waiting room was filled with spanish speaking mexicans….I was in Shock…I was the only whitey in the building…the guy in charge was a mexican with Prison Tattoos on his neck and everywhere…we had to give him all our Info and Credentials to photo copy….he probably makes duplicates for illegal aliens… was a Crooked Operation and Government Owned!! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.