FMCSA proposes rule mandating electronic logging devices

| March 13, 2014
The final rule will likely be published later this year, thereby making the use of ELDs required at a date in the latter half of 2016.
The final rule will likely be published later this year, thereby making the use of ELDs required at a date in the latter half of 2016.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has officially announced the next iteration of a rule that will require the use of electronic logging devices (also known as electronic onboard recorders) for all drivers required to keep records of duty status.

The agency announced the rule publicly March 13, though its effective date and publication date in the Federal Register still are unknown. 


Logging device mandate could come in 2016, outlines hardware spec’s, harassment provisions

The rule addresses driver harassment protections, hardware specifications and hours of service-related supporting documents.

The rule has four basic parts: (1) The requirement to use ELDs, (2) Protections against driver harassment (3) Hardware specifications for the devices and (4) the hours-of-service related supporting documents drivers must continue to carry after the mandate.

The compliance date for the mandate will be two years after the final rule is published, which will come after a 60-day public comment period on the proposed rule announced March 12 and agency consideration of those comments.

The final rule will likely be published later this year, thereby making the use of ELDs required likely by the second half of 2016. 

  • Ken Hunzeker

    all they are doing is creating more aggresive drivers.all you have to do is watch the trucks and you can about guesss by the way they are being driven what trucks have e logs and what trucks have paper logs.e logs are usually much more aggresive…

  • Bobby

    the public will cry foul when the price of transportation of goods doubles. and this will be the cause of that increase.

  • Brad Lambert

    I agree the drivers out here are getting worse and worse. I do alot of oversize freight and the steering wheel holders have no concept of leaving MORE room nor do they have any sense to pay attention while you are passing them. It is getting worse out there by the day. I constantly see them tailgating to try and pass and tearing through work zones, and I agree the aggressiveness will only become worse as they try to tear down the road to make up more time.

  • Dave

    Well by 2016 my truck will be paid for, I’ll have to sit down and think real hard if it’s worth continuing or not. One thing I do know is that there are a lot of issues to be addressed before more regulations and rules come to fruition. There needs to be hard guidelines for new CDL trainees (both US & CAN) so the big companies and fly by night schools out there will have to be accredited and more accountable for their “puppy mill” schools. Shippers and receivers will also have to have guidelines in place on their dock times, if you’re going to constrict the drivers more then these guys will also have to have government intervention too. Also let’s not forget about a proper pay structure so drivers are paid for everything they do while on duty.

    There are so many changes they can make for the sake of safety without dipping into the trucking industry’s wallet for new tech that can cause drivers to work when they’re exhausted. I’ve no idea about e-logs but can see the negatives, and while there are positives to help drivers cover their own butt I can see them being forced to continue when they’re not safe by “managers” that have no clue of life on the road. I guess like most older drivers on the road I don’t like change but time will tell.

  • 2Tired2

    I have enough to contend with all the mandates and paperwork just to haul that one load. I’ve been doing this for over 40 years and its worse each year. I agree with what someone said that their needs to be more done on the payscale and dock end of trucking. I’m so tired of these so called brokers that sit behind a desk with a phone and computer and have NO clue what is involved in the trucking industry. Now when you try to haul for one they want to penalize you hundreds of dollars if you don’t call them at least 3 times during your trip. Now it stands to reason we truck drivers don’t have or should not have to call this many times during a load. Granted, I know their are some real crooks out their but once you have established a business relationship with a shipper or broker I am not seeing where this is necessary. I have enough to do by keeping my eye on the road and all the other bull that goes along with it. And I really don’t know if this is legal for them to hold your pay? (input appreciated). The days of the trucker are gone right along with the American freedom and spirit. I always said once they burden me with more crap I will retire and thats exactly what i am going to do if this EOB comes to pass. I will sell all 20 of my trucks and trailers and that will be the end of it.

  • James

    All I can say is it is about time! This should have been done years ago.My company has been running elogs for over two years and once the drivers got past there fears they love them. Less paperwork and they get just as many hours as they did before as long as they are willing to use their time wisely. Out of over 100 drivers we do not have a single one that wants to go back to paper logs. The dispatchers have to work hard to keep dock times down but they learn ways of doing this very quickly. We can finally start to operate on a fair playing field and not have to compete with all the companies that allow their drivers to cheat on there logs just to get freight moved. The only people I hear complaing are the cheaters!

  • James Cox

    And yet, when you talk to drivers that work the ports across the country, the e-logs suck up very valuable time in start / stop regulations. It’s fine for e-logs, as long as freight companies want to raise the pay to match.

  • Seat Warmer

    Its about time, to many drivers out here thinking they cant be told what to do or when to do it and thinking they can “get by” with only 3-4 hours off, gonna need to learn how to plan your day and not just hop in the seat and haul ass till you hit your 11th hour and then start looking. If you don’t know trip planning and time management you’re gonna be screwed!!

  • Coffeeclue

    In conversation after conversation at truckstops, 99% of the drivers will disagree with you. Yes, paper logs are for cheaters. However, if you don’t have stable routes and rely on freight that companies like yours couldn’t deliver due to limited time regulations, you have to do what you have to do. No, I don’t approve of someone driving 37 hours straight. But if it occasionally takes an extra hour to get where you need to get because of a traffic jam, shipping delays etc, I really don’t see the problem.

  • Mike

    Where there’s a will there’s a way. People will design ways to hack these EOBRs, would be surprised if it wasn’t already done. The private sector is always a step ahead of the lumbering government. The big fleets lobbied for these because they know they can’t compete on the speed, service and safety of the independents. They want “a fair playing field.” So essentially they want robots who they don’t have to compete with. Billions of dollars on the line here, when fortune 500 companies aren’t getting product in a timely manner things will probably change back. More government control means less productivity and a continued stagnant economy.

  • Bumper

    I have a small seasonal business with one truck. What’s this going to cost me to equip my truck with an ELD ?

  • Coffeeclue

    I was just about to post the exact same truth. Where there is a will, there is a way. I’ve been using a computer program for my logs. Having been stopped for inspection several times, the first thing they ask is if my computer is plugged into the truck. When I say no, they start looking for regulations that would prevent me from using my un-plugged electronic logs. I once sat on the side of the road for an hour while the cop was looking through regulations, but never found them. Next time I will plug the computer into the cigarette lighter and tell them it’s plugged in. Maybe I will even make it look like an official EOBR.

  • Coffeeclue

    It costs about $600. You can get them at any TA.


    BS BS to bad the drivers are to scared to to stand up for what’s right.Im so happy it’s not me

  • Bill

    1.Drivers are creative with logs because, they don’t need the government telling them when they are tired, or that they need to drive through rush hour traffic instead of taking a break, etc.
    2. We have a responsibility to our families, and are going to make it home instead of living out of a truck.
    3.Would be lying if I said money wasn’t a motivation, but as an owner op its a bit more complicated than a company driver. We have a direct relationship with the customer not some dispatcher, so to keep accounts your going to go the extra mile if its safe to do so.

  • jim stewart

    And still the FMCSA says or does nothing about these incredible deplorable shippers or the receivers who refuse to load/unload in a timely manner allowing drivers to make better use of driving time. I’ve noticed that since 2008 many companies have cut labor as well as limiting their receiving times. Sadly this is many of the customers we generally run to. They could care less about your waiting until that final hour before closing. It’s amazing that a truck can be unloaded in fifteen minutes just before 3 PM but any other time that day the very same load takes as much as an hour to remove after waiting for two hours to start the process. The cross docking operations located near ports seem to be the worse but then that’s ninety percent of our operation,..

  • Kevin

    Looks like 2 years to retirement

  • being squeezed

    Love the “fair playing field” line! Companies with e-logs are complaining they can’t compete with those those without e-logs because due to those others being able to “manipulate” paper logs. What a crock!! By the same token, companies not running e-logs find it difficult to compete on a “fair playing field” due to these other (often much larger) companies getting huge discounts on fuel,parts and other things by buying in large bulk quantities which they won’t qualify for. But, isn’t it amazing these companies with e-logs never mention this side of the equation??

  • John Lenhardt

    This is one more way to push the independents out the door soon it will all swift you want it you will get it under their terms it’s a huge step in the wrong direction why do we sit and watch them tell us how to do our jobs we already have more rules and regulations then any other job in the us we have more regulations then a commercial pilot what’s wrong with this picture the bad just keeps getting worse

  • TBlake

    If every one starts running a legal log, Carriers will have to raise rates, and drivers will be paid for lost time on the docks as it will be the only way to retain drivers. We have had EOBR’s for about 2 1/2 years.
    it changed the way we operate.

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    Soooo typical. The government gets involved and screws everything up. As it stands I see trucks barreling through our town doing 60 in a 45. It will be nice to see them doing 80 after this goes into effect. If isn’t broke…FIX IT UNTIL IT IS! Government…the DISEASE masquerading as the cure.

  • Bumper


  • gregbo

    I’ve run elogs and paper logs. The purpose of elogs is to give carriers the ability to maximize “driver productivity” meaning 14 hour days and 70 hour weeks. The carrier I worked for trained drivers to manipulate their logs to minimize line 4 time so they could run them dog tired 70 hours a week. I use paper logs and I run legal. I don’t drive tired and I make a lot more money. One size don’t fit all and your way don’t fit me.

  • Thomas Duncan

    To you people who just Love this…From a trucker not a truck driver.Not all operations are the same and to many of us who have been around for awhile it is not just a job.Why don’t you go back to flippin burgers or punching your time clock and leave trucking to truckers?

  • Shadow Hauling And Transport

    and where am I supposed to put all this shit in my pick up truck that the big carriers like so much ? and when they require CPAP in all trucks where am I going to put that ? Does this e log need a printer ? I’ll have to run doubles to carry all the bullshit the FMCSA can think up to justify their jobs ! Wonder if. I can get a grant for a generator to run all this electronics they will require

  • Shadow Hauling And Transport

    Swift is looking for you if you don’t already work for them

  • Shadow Hauling And Transport

    so,I have to do what your dumb ass can’t do ? I know how to fill out paper log and manage time. Elogs came about because big companies were hiring drivers to dumb to even figure out out to sign their names

  • Shadow Hauling And Transport

    good keep your e log but don’t shove them on everyone

  • RichieC

    Cummon…uncle sam can help…thats what hes there for. Its important for the DOT to not have to be able to read a log but rather the log to self confess a violation.
    I wonder if its a violation of the fifth ammendment for you to be forced to participate in or be forced to waive the fifth ammendment in order to do commerce. Can anyone tell me another segment of buisness where the owners or operaters of facilities are required to give up their rights and get inspected daily…i said daily…in order to operate?
    The dot still isnt following the FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT when it comes to roadside flakey inspections done by incompetent or mentaly deficent inspectors when those inspections are challenged….its becomming a facist police stat-ish joke. If americans saw this…commonly a preview of whats to come for the general population….they would go into shock.

  • emmanuel

    sounds like ur a gov servent in favor of this false rule most of us know were in a customer service business we service our customers we get our rest some day more some days less.just because one take a 10 hr break don’t mean u will sleep 8 of the 10hr u r off duty one may toss and turn all night and get 2 maybe 3 hrs of sleep? we still have to get loaded/unloaded and do a days work like every other working persn in any other industry.this hard job just like any other industry no more no less unfortunetly we’re being over regulated the rules the way they are is just fine we realy don’t need no changing if a driver breaks a law fmsca should penalize that driver not all the trk drvs in this industry and so on for the carriers.paper logs is a recording of a driver duty status.drv/carriers should not be forced to put these devices in their looks all those in favor of this folly/lies must have something to gain by supporting this.the law before this map-21 is just fine o—k

  • SixBall

    Wow, a comment from a steering wheel holder. Maybe you don’t mind running short miles due to the fact a shipper or reciever held you up for 3-4 hours. God forbid you run into both in the same day.

  • Vickie Mann

    To TBlake—What worries me is the trucks MAY get extra for sitting at docks etc. BUT will it get forwarded to them from brokers????

  • Nico Le

    if this is approved than will have robot drivers, push the button and get to sleep at 2pm, just cause the driving hours are done. Plus will take out of market a lot of small company. hope this law will NEVER PASS.

  • Mark

    We truck drivers againt this new elog rule crap ,We all should get together and go on strike, nobody move there truck(s), and will put the government on hes knees in no time on changing lots of rule, if you all keep driving and getting the stuff done they will apply more rule in the future, so let’s go guys let’s go on strike once this go in effect and shiw the government that we move the economi

  • Paul R VanHorn

    No. They’ll blame Bush.

  • Scott LeVan

    I just wish they would make this law sooner then later …. keep the roads safe…

  • Scott LeVan

    Im also for dash cams that are to be on at all times by law.. I have one its been on my dash for 4 yrs and its got some unsafe drivers off the road.

  • Scott LeVan

    Lets get down to the real facts of brokers and loads.. first off the insurance company’s are going to be the final say weather you haul a load for them or not… If you come in with a bad score your going to get crap loads yes them loads you all bitch about other truckers hauling yup thats going to be you if you dont get with the program. Why wouldn’t you want to better yourself by getting a good score and haul loads that pay really well.. Think about your future and not the present.

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  • John Ryan

    It’s not just the same guys trying to make up time but a whole new group of lower class drivers coming on board. Trucking hiring standards have come way down in the past few years. But as long as Big business can take total control you will have no say

  • Eddie

    Cheaters? That cracks me up. You’re probably a product of a company sponsored training program masquerading as a truck driver. Cheaters never win. And winners never cheat. I use paper logs today and have done so for more than twenty two years. And yes there have been numerous times when I could have easily manipulated my logs to my advantage but never entertained the thought. I’ve had and will continue to have a great and safe career, enjoying my grand kids and feeling blessed to have two amazing college educated children. I have a beautiful home, a wonderful wife and, a CTS-V and I’m debt free. Keep your e-logs and your low standard of living. But dont call me a cheat.

  • Andrea Mansur

    thats because all you have lazy drivers,

  • Shark Tank


    I am amazed that truck drivers have the funds to retire when Elogs are mandatory

    You make that much money running paper logs you can retire because they are putting a computer in the truck

    I should have drove trucks in the day of paper logs

    I highly doubt you will find a job that will pay you as much as driving a truck this day in age. What will you do for work and money. There are kids getting out of college with law degrees and masters degrees that cant find work, what makes you think you can find a stable career paying you as much money as you would make in a truck with or without paper logs

    I guess Papa Johns and dominos is hiring drivers

    Good Luck in your retirement!!!

  • Kevin

    When I say retirement, I mean retirement, not papa johns or dominos or anything else. I have have managed my earnings well and can do just that. It’s not simply that they put a computer in the truck. This combined with all the over regulation, requirements and rules is just over the top.

  • Christine

    Southern Cross Transport LLC Richmond VA we only have one truck will we have to do thing to ?

  • Butch

    Shark Tank. No disrespect but if you think paper log drivers are today’s problem you really are in for a huge surprise. I too will be retiring from driving truck as soon as e logs become law. Yes I have made a very good living using paper logs and I have set myself up for something better. They teach you guys in driving school that running paper logs is running “outlaw”. Well if you think government intrusion is better so be it.
    They have totally sold our country out to the highest bidder and will continue to do so. They have done it by making people like you and the other 97% of Americans look the other way while using the slight of hand to stick it to not only truck drivers but every business in this country.
    Everybody is tying to make a living and get as much of the American dream as possible but other people of the so called Ruling Class does not and will not allow this to happen. You will get what you need and nothing more. Sound familiar? If you listened well in school it sounds like socialism. Communism? Hmm.
    Anyways. Enjoy your 40 cents a mile, 2000 to 2500 miles a week, 300 to 400 dollars a week take home after taxes and advances, electronic logging device job you have there. Not to mention staying away from home 2 to 6 weeks at a time. Now that is the American dream.
    Like I said everyone needs to make a living and provide for their family but trucking is no longer really and option.

  • Butch

    Approximately 1000.00

  • shawn91481

    I have a love hate relationship with elogs. There are times like one said you are held up in traffic and I have to log “On” or “off” duty in the middle of the highway to prevent a violation. I get that and it makes it harder to run when you are ready to run and stop when you need to.

    That said I am not spending between 10 and 20 minutes doing log paperwork. My day is calculated at a glance. The best part is the couple of times I’ve received a DOT inspection the officer barely even looks at my logs. I also think having elogs is part of getting PrePass to bypass scales, but I certainly could be wrong on that one.

    Both have their benefits and both have their drawbacks. As a whole paper is best but unfortunately there are too many training companies who will hire anyone that breathes. The more steering wheel holders we have out the more pressure from John Q. Public will have to regulate us more. In the end we are and have become our own worst enemy.

  • jim

    you can’t make somebody sleep because you forced them off for 10 hours they could go to a bar for 10 hourscan go to a bar for 10 hours if you wantthis is nothing but communism and people trying to get rich by these devices it was shut down the trucking industry and everybody will suffer

  • Horace

    Even better yet, let’s fill every lane on an interstate, oh, about a dozen rigs deep and just ahead of a cavalcade of govt officials, and just shut’em down and misplace the keys :P It probably won’t do much downrange good, but it’ll likely make CNN…then, again, a lot of good THAT would do as well. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.