FMCSA says it’s researching crash weighting in CSA scores

| September 10, 2013

truck crashThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is studying the feasibility of incorporating crash accountability into Compliance, Safety, Accountability scores and plans to release its Crash Weighting Research Plan sometime this year, the agency says. 

Crash accountability has been a point of contingency for industry stakeholders, as FMCSA currently counts all crashes against carriers, even ones that are not the fault of the carrier or driver. 

The agency’s study examines whether police reports have the quality and consistency to support some kind of crash weighting determination. The agency says it will cost somewhere between $2 to $3 million to analyze the 100,000 crash reports it receives each year. 

FMCSA has not unveiled a timeline or subsequent steps for post-release of its research plan, but it is working with the Department of Transportation’s Volpe Center to develop a tool to establish some crash accountability measure and how it should affect carrier’s Safety Measurement System scores in the CSA system. 

The Senate Appropriations Committee has directed the agency to work with the Volpe Center and requested the research plan be completed by Sept. 30. 

The committee set a Dec. 1, 2014, deadline for the Government Accountability Office audit of agency progress with the program. The GAO examination includes gauging CSA’s effectiveness in identifying the highest risk carrier sand how program interventions improve carrier safety, according to a June 27 committee report.
  • Guest

    These “scores” are ignorant nonsense anyway. Just post the wrecks like they are doing…people in the industry can figure out how dangerous these companies are without a Gov. matrix/formula…ya wanna know some maniacs??? Look at Western Express….Death waiting to happen….most people in this industry are aware of the Maniac Companies…this CSA smoothes over and massages numbers of Mega Fleets and others who NEED desperately to beshut down and why bother iwth this “scores” charade??? Just make some ARRESTS and get these Kooks out of trucking and off the Highways….

  • perez

    I can do understand, that is a complete ignorance on safety rules, anyhow you know what is all this about, people with $ regulate that is all it is , like it is , make the necessary safety all for all, not guest a part of their convenience

  • Sedric

    What a joke

  • RalphMalph

    Amen on that thought !

  • RalphMalph

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  • Mark French

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  • Mark French

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  • William McKelvie

    Pretty sure the T&I committee told Ferro her charging all parties in accidents was illogical. And that she needed to change that. Why yes they did. Congressman Young told her directly. No change yet? Imagine that. And drivers say Ferro is our friend. Whose friend? Because you kiss her rear? Please folks, what Ferro wants Ferro gets. Sound like someone else in the administration?

  • Jon McLaughlin

    The current accountability is damning to the small carriers as it is and mostly incorrect because of targeting. Why don’t they just pull all of our MC’s now and get it over with. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.