FMCSA sets new state CDL testing standards

| April 01, 2013

licenseThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued a final rule that will revise testing and standards for commercial driver’s licenses and commercial learner’s permits.

The FMCSA’s March 25 final rule outlines changes granted in response state and industry petitions concerning the previous final rule. That 2011 rule amended CDL knowledge and skills testing standards and established new minimum federal standards for states to issue CLPs.

Many state officials were waiting for the March 25 rule to see if their requests for changes were granted, the FMCSA stated. In response to state petitions, the new deadline for state compliance has been extended until July 8, 2015.

The new final rule also:


  • States checks for legal presence and domicile are required only once after July 8, 2011. This exception will be extended to cover all transactions, including renewal and upgrades.
  • Clarifies the FMCSA requires two people to be substantively involved in the license issuance process, but does not mandate that two people verify each document.
  • Allows state to decide if a CLP should include a photo.
  • Requires states perform background checks on test examiners only when hired instead of annually.
  • Allows CDL training schools to test their own students, as long as examiners do not administer skills test to the same drivers they personally trained.
  • Requires third-party CDL testers be bonded, but not governmental entities who do testing
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  • Mike Jones

    April 8 Congress will vote in the AMNESTY BILL…and 11Million illegal aliens will be qualified to obtain a CDL license……ATA has sponsered this Bill and is Ramming it thru as fast as they can…goodbye trucking jobs….

  • William Daniel Mcdonald

    obama care has screwed up nursing and now this will screw up trucking, the 2 jobs you could always look and find in the paper

  • William McKelvie

    Typical FMCSA, yes yes we have made a ruling……… effective WHEN??? Just wait for the illegals to come take the jobs away from legals. Two years is enough time no?

  • Spirit CDL

    There’s been way too much corruption in the commercial licensing industry to allow schools to administer their own skills tests to students. I would be fearful of a school that promoted a 100% graduation rate and did self testing.

    Drive safe!

  • Mike Jones

    That “DOMICILE” part is about to change…April 8 Congress will vote in Amnesty. They will NOT be enforcing “legal citizen status” anymore….all Mega Fleets will start training Foreign Born drivers THIS YEAR…and there are Millions waiting for that day to get her…Plus all the Fleet Owners…they LOVE it!

  • Mike Jones

    APRIL 8….Congress will begin Voting this crap in…Immigration Reform is the code word they use. Amnesty to 11 Million is what it really is. THIS year they will invade Trucking.

  • No Reform

    The mega Fleet can administer the Drive TEST and Approve their own student and receive the CDL…WOW….so they will be processing all these Amnesty Illegals as soon as Donahue rams that Bill thru congress…11 Million New Truckers. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.