FMCSA suspends authority of carrier for not releasing safety records

| August 08, 2014

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Aug. 8 it had suspended the operating authority of Espinal Trucking, based in Michigan City and headed by Francisco Espinal Quiroz.


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The agency says the carrier did not cooperate with an investigation into its compliance history.

One of the carrier’s tractor-trailers collided into a line of passenger vehicles in a construction zone on Interstate 55 in Will County, Ill., FMCSA says, and in a subsequent agency investigation, Espinal denied the agency access to its safety records.

The MAP-21 highway funding law from 2012 gives the agency the authority to revoke the authority of motor carriers who do not comply with administrative subpoenas or letters demanding the release of safety records.

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  • Geoff Chausse

    FMCSA is above the Law. Good for them for choosing to evoke their 5th Ammendment rights.

  • hotdog

    And my guess is that Mr. Espinal already has new FMCSA Authority in the name of his brother or his wife or his wife’s mother or his second cousin once removed. The more things change the more they remain the same. I bet the same trucks driven by the same drivers are hauling the same product to the same receivers as they were before the so-called “suspension”.

  • Mike Loveall


  • JJMcClure

    another Mexican breaking the laws

  • ldyluk35

    HELL YEAH!!!

  • ldyluk35

    No u jackass they arent above the law, they are just doing their job. if they didnt have anything to hide then they would have complied….its companiws lk this that give the REAL AMERICAN HARD WORKING TRUCKERS a bad name…and its idiots lk u that need to learn when to hush…

  • Bobby Rodriguez

    That’s probably true but they should have suspended the drivers license of the driver if he was a threat to public safety. Maybe put a hold on the registration of the truck in that state if there was violations that weren’t taken care of. No matter who owns the truck

  • Kiss my ass

    Can any one tell me,why the red necks are so ass hole? and stupid of course…always they think a Spanish last name are from Mexico,Have you ever visit a school in yours life? Do not think that there are other countries besides MEXICO? Dummies…

  • guest

    Francisco?? he aint gonna comply with

  • guest

    how silly to ask this wetback Franciso for “records”…..ahahhha

  • guest

    10-4….the usual.

  • localnet

    No comprende…

  • Riky Von Honaker

    the racist comments on here discust me, This driver is a disgrace to truckers, and the racist comments are just as bad. So you are aware he is sitting in jail on a 1 million dollar bond for false logs in relation to the accident, he killed 4 people and is where he belongs. He was born in Honduras, however he is a legal US citizen. So he has nothing to do with Mexico,

  • guest

    Francisco not care about Americano rules?? ahahahaha….only the “better life” eh?? lol

  • guest

    new Chameleon Carrier status….lol
    Roll On Amigo!! ahahahaha

  • guest

    False Logs?? Why ?? These guys from “Honduarass” dont CARE about AMERICAN LAWS?
    Damn right he is where he

  • Clinton Seals

    Its not just the Mexicans anyway its all walks of life out here on the road The FMCSA is giving out authority like its free for the taking even to individuals who haven’t got the experience needed to operate a truck let alone a car. And beings that I am on the subject what about all of the illegal carriers that are allowed to operate at Uship and the FMCSA doesn’t lift a finger to Uship stop these illegal carriers to conduct business as a Motor Carrier these illegal carriers are literally robbing us blind and nobody gives a chit . Go get a pickup and call yourself a Motor Carrier f —its just about the same thing as the foreigners coming over here buying a Big Rig and ripping our economy and safety to shreds as well. Something has got to be done about these problems but oh wait I keep forgetting we haven’t got any leadership to get some common sense in place RIGHT.

  • Robert Smith

    I am a middle aged white male raised in the rural south and I agree with you about the rednecks .They manage to make race an issue in everything instead of paying attention to what really matters.If a cop or the FCMSA took a dump right on their lap,they would manage to find some kind of way to blame a “foreigner” as they call everybody that isn’t like them.People like them is the reason we have been screwed by the cops,the DOT,and everyone one else in this industry.

  • Robert Smith

    I agree with you Riky,I am so sick of these idiots that can’t see or discuss real issues important to trucking , because they are too busy trying to figure out how they can blame it on some other race or nationality.Because of that ,truckers have been given the shaft and taken to the cleaners.The authorities know the racists among them are too stupid to get along with other truckers long enough to ever stand united and stop the shakedown of this industry by law enforcement and government.

  • guest

    Si Senyor…..muy bueno….U tell em….lol

  • F E R inv corp

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    1st , before your are blame on some one, blame on your law,
    whoever falsified or use e logs, I use E logs, and is the same B?S.
    so blame your self first, before you blame on some one form other countries,
    as you know , you who blame on Mexicans or some other ethnic race, look around you, and ask your self, ? why this people are here,? because they are a human as you are, and also they have dreams, as one the presidents say we do have everything to be on the top of others,
    as you know you are so jealous , becouse people form another country come over and sweat their ass to be and have what you Don’T have, as I tell you they are humans, and we all are come from the same got no matter what, before you open your mouth to blame on some one, look around you and ask yourself, Why this people are here? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.