FMCSA updates website

| April 02, 2014

FMCSA 2014 website revision screenshotThe public face of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at has been lifted — or changed, as it were, with a somewhat comprehensive redesign aimed at what Anne Ferro on the DOT’s Fast Lane blog calls putting “our best foot forward by featuring the pages visitors access most often. We’ve also restructured our content based on who you are –driver, carrier, or consumer — and what you’re interested in — news, safety, registration, or regulations.

Take a look via this link. 


Introducing new LinkedIn group ‘Overdrive’s Trucking Pro’

Earlier this week, Overdrive launched the "Overdrive's Trucking Pro" LinkedIn group. The open group allows users to post topics for discussion, as well as invite ...

And tell us what you think about the navigation there. Over on the Overdrive‘s Trucking Pro discussion group on LinkedIn, former owner-operator Joe Rajkovacz of the California Construction Trucking Association notes that he’s “noticed some previously easy-to-find content is not so easy” to find any longer. Join the group if you’re not a member to weigh in on the discussion via this link


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    They should print the “NEW TRUCKER CREED”……”I am a Zombie Butt Kisser. I will Comply, Obey, Conform to every new law and rule and Enforcer that exists. I want to be a Robot. I will kiss the butt of everyone I come in contact with including shipper, receiver, dock worker, dispatcher, all COPS. Without question I will be a good slaveboy…and appreciate my meager pay. I am the company’s no gut punkboy. Please USE me as you wish. I am your personal doormat. Please walk on me.

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    Now most of the links I’ve saved or links in your articles go nowhere. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.