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Foam Jet Injector

| September 22, 2009

Foam Jet Injector
Water Cannon’s Foam Jet Injector shoots more than 20 feet of dense foam that sticks to surfaces, instantly conserving chemical use. The tool has a fully variable spray pattern and the ability to shoot a straight stream or be adjusted up to 50 degrees. The company says the tool is six times more effective than using wet chemicals alone.
Water Cannon
(800) 454-9274
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PowerDrive’s Power Inverters convert a vehicle’s 12-volt battery power to household AC power. They include eight models offering up to three grounded AC outlets to power and charge laptop computers, coffee makers, TVs, power tools, DVD players, digital cameras and more.
(800) 233-7009
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Stork pliers
Snap-on Stork

Torque It Up – 1850 lb-ft Now Available In ISX15 400-475 HP Ratings

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