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Video log: Tagging along with a 10 mpg owner-operator

Overdrive Equipment Editor Jack Roberts is on the road with owner-operator Henry Albert, part of Freightliner’s Team Run Smart, trekking from  OD headquarters in Tuscaloosa, Ala., to The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas, which takes place this week.

Albert, owner of the one-truck Albert Transport, has averaged 9.5 mpg in his Freightliner Cascadia Evolution, and in the trip to Dallas, he plans on meeting or exceeding a 10 mpg average. 

In the videos below, Roberts and Albert talk about their trip and their fuel economy and Albert breaks down ways owner-operators can increase their fuel economy and help keep better track of their fuel usage.

Follow @JackRobertsCCJ or @By_Jason_Cannon on Twitter to follow the journey live, or search #RoadtoGats on Twitter to see all of the tweets from the trip.

  • martymarsh

    I guess we are not suppose to know how flat it is from there to there. Try LA to Seattle, or Seattle to Omaha, NY to Chicago. Then get back to us.

  • Bgann69

    Soooooo True. I can get 10 with a light load on the flats all day.But get 6.5 from Kansas to Seattle.

  • Harry Rybacki

    would really like to see what it does on a real life coast to coast run. with an average driver doing the driving. not the owner of the co. will not say it can not be done. just need to see it done in the real world and by a lot more than one driver.

  • martymarsh

    Shhhhhhhh, your suppose to be stupid.

  • Rusty Graves

    ok so I get 8.34 mpg driving 55mph. I have a 1998 century 12.7 detroit. 9speed overdrive with 2.93. I run the trans in 8th gear (direct drive). I have wide singles on the back and xza3+ on the steers. I will be adding a FASS to get 100% fuel to the injectors by pulling the air out.

  • William McKelvie

    Now now, you fella’s better knock it off now. You know freightliner would never increase their fuel mileage numbers just to sell trucks, now would they? Funny thing though, my fuel mileage increases when I pull light loads on flatlands too. Imagine that.

  • Steve

    Actually you will get better mileage with a van than a flatbed. Better aerodynamics.

  • William McKelvie

    Naw, who woulda ever thunk that Steve? :)

  • twofoot

    I get 8+ MPG running 70 mph all day long @80,000 spray the engine with propane

  • martymarsh

    Yeah but, how than that be, HOW CAN THAT BE?

  • martymarsh

    Only if your loaded, I would say about 3 six packs should do.

  • Harry Rybacki

    down hill with a tail wind. been out here to long to know better

  • TWade

    Have heard the story of 8+ running 70 to 80 MPH all day but they are never ever able to show prove with accurate miles and fuel receipts.

  • purav

    I think Volvo I shift gets the best mpg. plus you need to check tire pressures, alignment, air filter and synthetic oil along with eco tires and trailer with aero kit…then you talking. Don’t forget fuel additives.

  • martymarsh

    They are going by what their computer tells them, and as we know your computer will tell you your getting 99.9 miles to the gallon down hill.

  • bigkahunahhh

    that’sa lyin mutherfukker when he said he got 12.3

    that’s called a MISCALCULATION. freakindumbass

  • TJ Saye

    Its about net profit per driving hour, and keeping your customers satisfied. If I drove 62 everywhere I get fired from half the companies I work for. Lets face it as a O/O
    fuel economy is great but the bottom line is whats your net dollar per driving hour. I willing to bet the guy driving a little faster will haul more miles make more dollars spend a little more for fuel but have just as good of net profit per hour if not better. Besides the low drag tires cost more the fuel gadgets cost more etc. If you figure it up I figure we will make more driving faster.

  • martymarsh

    I wouldn’t disagree with you, but people make claims all the time which may work in their world but not mine, so I guess we all have to see what works.

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