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Truckers News Staff | October 01, 2010

PDF viewer “At the end of the transaction,” Pemmerl says, “drivers have the option of viewing on-screen or as a PDF,” the latter of which can be saved to your computer’s hard drive. Both options can be printed. “If they can’t print or they lose it,” she adds, “they will receive a link to a page where they can access the record for five days after the purchase.”

Have you purchased your FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program crash/inspection violation report yet?

26% — No, my record’s clean

18% — No, $10 is asking too much

9% — No, it’s not important yet

37% — I’ve never heard of the PSP

10% — Yes

“We’re not getting those calls of people saying, ‘How do you do this?’ That’s a huge mistake.”

— OOIDA Regulatory Affairs Specialist Joe Rajkovacz on the dearth of drivers checking out and challenging and correcting, if necessary, information contained on PSP reports


To file a challenge to PSP information

• Visit FMCSA’s DataQs system page:

• Register for access — you will need a valid email address and will choose a username and password.

Then, FMCSA’s Arlene Thompson notes:

1. Click the Add a Challenge button on the DataQs main screen. Enter one challenge for each incorrect piece of data.

2. Select the appropriate reason for why the crash or inspection should be corrected and click Continue. If you’re challenging inspection information assigned wrongly to you, for instance, you should select Inspection — Commercial Driver Data. (For more information on which challenge type to select, note the help file at, click Enter Data Challenges & Determine My Challenge Type.)

3. Fill in the appropriate information. Draft your reasons for challenging the data carefully, including as many details as possible that support your case for why the data should not be included.

4. Submit the challenge. Note that the challenge should now appear on your list of challenges on your main DataQs page. You can view the information you entered by clicking on the challenge ID.



Paccar’s Sobic Looks to Suppliers

By Derek Smith

Dan Sobic, executive vice president of Paccar Inc., said a recovering truck market will demand the highest levels of quality and cooperation from vehicle and supplier manufacturers, in an opening presentation at the inaugural Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference in Dallas Aug. 25.

Paccar Executive Vice President Dan Sobic discusses the supplier market at the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference.

Paccar’s focus on quality and operational improvement through programs such as Six Sigma, Sobic said, are fundamental to the company’s success. These same commitments are necessary from the supplier base, especially as the market strengthens and production increases.

He outlined what Paccar expects from its supplier partners:

• Global capabilities and global support;

• Investment in technology and quality systems;

• Less than 50 ppm (parts per million) defects or errors;

• A commitment to Six Sigma;

• Investment in capacity to support Paccar’s global growth;

• Reducing product complexity without compromising performance and quality;

• Increasing design collaboration;

• Jointly providing low-cost solutions for customers; and

• On-time delivery.

Regarding delivery, Sobic said, “If there’s one message I can leave you with from the parts aftermarket business, it is not ‘location, location, location.’ It is ‘availability, availability, availability.’” He said as truck production ramps up, Paccar is looking to its supplier base to provide a 97 percent fill rate. “We are taking steps to increase our parts inventory goals to ensure that our customers will have the part when it is required.”

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