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Truckers News Staff | March 01, 2011

States send UCR compliance information to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration daily at minimum, and the FMCSA then updates its system, according to the NCSTS. The online registration contains two years of data.

The 2005 omnibus transportation funding act established the UCR Agreement, a base-state system administered by federal and state governments and by the motor carrier industry for the collection of fees levied on motor carriers and related entities.

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Pride & Polish Championship Set

Staff Reports

Top truck beauty show winners from across the country will meet in Dallas in August to compete for the Custom Rigs Pride & Polish National Championship.

L. Brent Greer’s winning truck qualifies him for the 2011 Pride & Polish National Championship.

Best of Show winners from all five Pride & Polish events will be invited to attend the first-ever nationally recognized National Championship at the Dallas Convention Center, Aug. 25-27, during the Great American Trucking Show.

The road to the National Championship began Oct. 8-9 at the Charlotte Diesel Super Show Pride & Polish, followed by the Truckin’ For Kids event in Irwindale, Calif., Oct. 24. Shows leading up to the National Championship will include the 75 Chrome Shop Show in Wildwood, Fla., April 8-10, and the Great West Truck Show, June 9-11, in Las Vegas.

All Best of Show winners who come to Dallas to compete for the National Championship will receive a travel allowance and hotel accommodations during the show. In addition to the regular Pride & Polish contest, Best of Show winners from the four preliminary events will have an area to showcase their trucks. National Championship winners from each Best of Show category will receive trophies and additional cash prizes of $1,500, $1,000 and $500 for first, second and third places, respectively.

“We’re thrilled to offer this opportunity where the trucks and the owners can be recognized nationally for having not just the finest truck at a single show, but the finest truck in the country,” says Alan K. Sims, vice president/executive director of the Randall-Reilly Events Group, which produces the Pride & Polish events and the Great American Trucking Show.

For information about competing in or sponsoring the Custom Rigs Pride & Polish National Championship series, contact Sims at (205) 248-1339, or

Homeland Security Changing Alert Program

Jill Dunn

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is replacing its five-color terrorist threat alert system with a two-level system expected to be implemented by May.

Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano announced discarding the color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System and introduced the new National Terrorism Advisory System Jan. 27. A 2002 presidential directive created the color-coded alerts. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.