Four ‘chameleon’ trucking companies ordered to shut down

| April 25, 2013

Four trucking companies based in Olathe, Kan., have been ordered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to cease operations immediately. The agency is leaning on its “chameleon” carrier rule that is designed to prevent carriers previously shut down to reopen with the same equipment and operation but under a different name.

Royal Transport; Nationwide, Inc.; Freight, Inc.; and Midwest A, Inc.; were all deemed to be functioning under the same control to avoid “negative compliance history,” FMCSA says. Moreover, Freight, Inc., and Midwest A were created to dodge out-of-service orders issued to Nationwide for failure to pay civil penalties.

The carriers were operating the same trucks, using the same drivers and had the same operational and management structure as Royal.

Nationwide was placed out of service in July 2008, FMCSA says.

Click here to view the out-of-service orders.

  • No Reform

    Wow..those are some Crooked Operators…these trucking companies appear legit…but apparently operated by some real freaks…lots of ex convicts behind the scenes in these trucking companies.

  • No Reform

    No Wonder when the company driver pulls into the weigh station the cops look at him like he is a Prisoner at Super Max.

  • piedriver 011

    why haven’t they shut down Conway? that’s consolidated Freightways under another name. a lot of the big freight co,s do that. Landstar is Ranger under another name.same management same everything except name.

  • LandstarIdaho

    Landstar Ranger, Landstar Gemini, Landstar Ligon, Landstar Express, and Landstar Logistics are all separate entities with their own MC’s and DOT’s. They all operate under the umbrella corporation Landstar Systems, Inc. They are all managed separately yet they still answer to the executive branch of Landstar Systems. It is perfectly legal and is no different than the way most large corporations operate with all of their subsidiaries.

  • Familyman3rd

    That’s called a merger that CFI & Conway done. Perfectly legal. What these other companies done were Illegal.They were fine by FMCSA big time & ORDERED TO SHUT DOWN. They started anothe company up with different name, same people, staff, trucks & DOT numbers to avoid paying fines & remain shut down. BIG DIFFERENCE strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.