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Wendy Parker

Freedom isn’t free

Memorial Day imageTomorrow is Memorial Day, and if you’re lucky enough to have a Monday through Friday, holidays-off type of job, you’ll enjoy a Monday morning without an alarm clock. It’s easy to have a relaxing day at the pool and a nice barbecue afterward, without thinking twice about why you have the freedom to do so.

It’s estimated that close to 40 percent of professional drivers are veterans. A lot of companies actively recruit former military — it’s not hard to find patriotic truckers. The lifestyles are similar, with long periods of time away from family and friends as part of the job.

Take some time tomorrow to thank a vet, and there’s a good chance you’ll be thanking a truck driver, too. Enjoy your free time, and take a moment to remember how much the freedom you enjoy actually costs.

Happy Memorial Day.

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  • No Reform

    Schneider panders to the veterans..with a CON job….while their equipment is in Disgusting disrepair…and gets Cited and placed OUT OF SERVICE on a regular Basis..thereby ruining the Veterans CSA SCORE. Amazing how many Hundreds of Violations the Junk Schneider Tractors and Trailers are cited for EVERY MONTH at that Rip Off Dump..but they have the nerve to sell the VETERANS on how wonderful Schneider is….what a JOKE on the Veteran..Schneider could CARE LESS about anybody but their bank account………CSA SCORES for MAINTANENCE at SCHNEIDER are Way too High…tickets are issued at Veterans Expense..repleat with OOS…..thank U Vets??

  • No Reform

    The FREE RIDE the trucking company gets on the Back of the Veteran is alot more like it. Mega Fleets get a Huge Subsidy and benefits for training a returning Veteran to drive their JUNK trucks and trailers..looking at the CSA files on Schneider…in the Maintenance section we notice Huge amounts of Violation Citations issued to the Veteran….many instances where 40 and 50 points are stuck on the Veterans CSA file which will remain for 3 YEARS! OUT of SERVICE orders are issued to the Veteran on a Regular Basis..leaving him stuck at the weigh station for FREE….These companies actually Rip Off the Veteran more than anything….I would encourage a returning vet to find a REAL Career around REAL people..not these Phonies who are getting RICH off the veterans…..USA TRUCK is another one to stay FAR AWAY from……a complete Rip Off…look up their CSA FILE.

  • steve

    Give it a break dude. She, and all of us, are thanking our veterans. Not harping on trucking companies. Thank you for keeping us free.

  • No Reform

    Thank You is just words..what I offered them is the Truth.

  • No Reform

    My Thank You is advising these Returning Veterans that our Trucking Industry is making offers to them and there is alot of Deceipt and Mistreatment of new people to our industry…they should do their homework, get Advice from other Veterans…be prepared for recruiters wanting them to Sign Up so they will get their Commision/Bonus Money…alot of Pitfalls in front of these Returning Vets….in my opinion I would try another Industry…this one pretty well sucks..and there are More Vets Leaving than Joining in todays trucking Envirionment..which again Sucks.

  • trappertom

    What’s next—if enough kids fall out of trees—they’ll cut all the trees down.

  • Cowhaulintomboy

    Thank you Wendy for having your thoughts in the right place! GOD BLESS OUR MEN AND WOMEN WHO FIGHT NOW AND HAVE FOUGHT TO KEEP US FREE. For the grumpy guy who don’t like where he’s working, as an owner/operator myself…. Nobody is twisting your arm to stay where you are. If your stuck in a sinking boat do you SINK or JUMP SHIP??? Seems like you should have done your homework before you signed on to Schneider. This wasn’t the place to vent about Schneider. This was saying thank you to our finest. Thanks again Wendy for always having a great column. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.