Freightliner Upgrades

| April 07, 2005

Changes to Freightliner’s Classic and Classic XL trucks include a new chassis design currently in production that the company says will offer a smoother ride, quieter performance, improved maneuverability and a stronger frame.

The new Classic XL offers a 132-inch bumper-to-back-of-cab measurement and the new Classic offers a 120-inch BBC design. Changes include a new leaf-and-a-half taper-leaf front suspension with a lower dynamic rate for bumpy roads. The Freightliner Airliner front air suspension is now available on the Classic XL. Rear air springs that are larger than before smooth the ride, and the air-ride cab mount is standard on the daycab.

The company has re-engineered the exhaust system’s sound damping and added a quieter clutch linkage design. Front cab mounts will soften vibration, and the new rear cab air ride suspension and improved engine mounts will lessen sound and add comfort, Freightliner says.
The chevron-shaped engine mount, which uses natural rubber, and the front cab isolator housing both contribute to less vibration. Sound-dampening materials are in the cab floor and firewall for less interior noise, says the company.

Most of the axle configurations have better maneuverability because of the new narrow, high-pressure steering gears, which give tires more space to turn, says Freightliner.

The new Classic XL chassis introduces stronger steel frame rails and aluminum front casting.
Both models can be ordered with Detroit Diesel or Caterpillar engines. The truck’s chassis offers larger radiators with more cooling capacity for the new engine designs. Radiators with a maximum of 1,400-square-inch frontal areas are available for maximum engine cooling.

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Dual-Rate Alarm
Cole Hersee Company, a manufacturer of heavy-duty electrical, electronic and digital products for the vehicle industry, now offers a dual-rate alarm for trucks. Connecting to any two remote switches, manual or automatic, the alarm emits an intermittent tone at one of two different rates, audibly identifying the switch. Typical applications include: headlights, door ajar, low fuel, high/low pressure, high/low temperature, etc., making it a versatile switch. The dual rates of the alarm tone are approximately 60 cycles/minute and 120 cycles/minute.

Measuring approximately 2 inches long, the alarm has solid-state construction protected by a molded plastic shell. Designed for 12-volt systems, the alarm fits a standard sealed beam connector or Packard connectors, or accepts individual blade connectors.

Cole Hersee Company
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Oil-Cleaning Centrifuge
Spinner II Products’ new 900 Series oil-cleaning centrifuges were created to combat increased soot loads in lubricating oil.

Spinner II centrifuges remove soot from oil by centrifugal force and store the debris in a cleanable bowl. New 900 Series centrifuges are reengineered with improved flow path dynamics, longer dwell time and other enhancements, resulting in a 37 percent increase in particle removal efficiency. The cleanable bowl of 900 Series centrifuges is 50 percent larger. This increases storage capacity, allowing longer service intervals, less maintenance and more in-service time for trucks.

Spinner II 900 Series centrifuges have high flow rates to keep soot from accumulating in the oil. The Model 960 processes 120 gallons per hour, while the Model 936 processes 60 gallons per hour.

Spinner II Products
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