Fuel Surcharge Axed

| June 01, 2005

The native of Medicine Hat, Alberta, has released five albums and a greatest hits collection. Her albums have gone gold, platinum, double platinum and triple platinum. She also is a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Clark’s website is here. She and fellow GATS performer Sammy Kershaw sang a 1998 duet, “Love of My Life,” but there are no plans for the two to meet onstage at the event.

Kershaw, known for such hits as “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful,” “I Can’t Reach Her Anymore,” “National Working Woman’s Holiday” and “Cadillac Style,” released his first album, Don’t Go Near the Water, in 1991.

Since then, Kershaw’s Cajun-tinged sound has propelled his music to multi-platinum status. He has eight albums and three greatest-hits compilations.

Kershaw’s website is here.

The 2005 GATS will be held Aug. 25-27 at in the Dallas Convention Center. For more information, call (800) 349-4287, or visit this site.
-Lance Orr

EPA Issues Warning Against Explosive Refrigerants
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is advising truck owners to avoid hydrocarbon refrigerants being sold as inexpensive substitutes for HFC-134a and CFC-12.

Marketed under such names as OZ-12, DURACOOL 12a, and HC-12a, the refrigerants are sold online and at flea markets as replacements for EPA-approved refrigerants. The EPA said they may contain large quantities of propane, butane or other highly flammable gases.

“Existing mobile air conditioning systems are not designed to use a hydrocarbon refrigerant that is highly flammable and similar to what supplies the fire in your back yard barbecue,” said Ward Atkinson, chair of the interior climate control standards committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

There is not enough proof hydrocarbon refrigerants will not leak from the mobile air conditioning systems to cause fires and explosions, the EPA said.

“Hydrocarbon blends can degrade gaskets and hoses designed for HFC-134a or CFC-12, making leaks more likely,” said Gary Hansen, vice president of engineering at Red Dot, which makes heavy-duty heating and air-conditioning systems.

Trained AC technicians can run a test to see whether the air conditioner has been serviced with the refrigerant it was designed for, Hansen said.

“Professional service includes electronic refrigerant identification, leak testing, leak repair, defective parts replacement, and recovery and recycling of refrigerant,” said Drusilla Hufford, director of EPA’s stratospheric protection division.

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