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Todd Dills

Getting bolder with her shoulder

| August 31, 2010

Three years ago, when Ellen Voie (pictured) launched the Women in Trucking organization, she boasted that she’d be so happy when membership levels reached 1,000 that she’d get the org’s logo tattooed on her body. On Aug. 26, the first day of the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, she followed through on her boast live before listeners of the Sirius XM Freewheelin’ radio show broadcast from GATS. The WIT logo was inked on the back of her right shoulder by artists with Monster Tattoo (, and joining her in the chair were WIT member and driver Sherri Franko and three other members; more than 100 people, all told, attended the “tattoo party.” In advance of the event, Voie promised not to “scream or cry.” See for yourself if she made good in the video from the tattoo party below, or via, search “Ellen Voie, tattoo.”



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