Going in reverse

| January 03, 2006

FMCSA “opted for a program that focuses on areas unrelated to the practical demands of operating a commercial motor vehicle,” the appeals court said. Still, the court will allow the rule to stay in place pending the completion of further rulemaking.

With drivers on the road minus the skills to back into a dock, it’s clear the court ruling was warranted. FMCSA probably wouldn’t have to look much further than the PTDIA standards for a workable rule. That should be the minimum the industry demands. If FMSCA thinks that about four weeks of instruction that includes 40-plus hours training behind the wheel is too much for a new driver, then we’re in serious trouble.

Teaching drivers about drug tests or the importance of washing their hands to avoid diseases is not a bad thing, but shouldn’t we also make sure they can find reverse? Obviously, the appeals court thinks so. And so do we.

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