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Grease your truck regularly

Dustin Howard“If you grease your truck on a regular basis, you are more likely to catch the smaller problems because you are touching and inspecting the truck as you go along. My mentor always told me greasing the truck and trailer are the cheapest way to avoid big problems.”

Dustin Howard | Owner-operator, Howard Transport Inc.

  • Joe Ammons

    Do regular maintenance, know your cost per mile for each maintenance item, right down to oil changes, Then book your loads accordingly. And remember in the end you can not spend more than you are making,
    P.S. Chrome may be shiny, but it won’t make it run better.

  • martymarsh

    Stay in medical school.

  • quarter&company

    The best comment I can give is to check your tires. Bump them when you stop for fuel. Use a gauge when you are stopped for a break. Tire maintenance is the cheapest way to save fuel cost. Idle when you have too and don’t idle when you don’t. Keeping your foot off the pedal and use the cruise when ever you can. Here is something very few realize. If your truck is set to a maximum of 65 mph. Try setting the cruise at 62 and give yourself an option. Keep records on this idea and see in writing if 62 saves or cost. Some places in this country 62 will cost more than it is worth over 65. If you really want to test your talents keep records and figure this with a paper and pencil. If you are in or around Joplin MO give me a shout and lets talk truck. Rick 417-540-4538. I also have an e-mail lets talk truckin. I am off the road and sure want back. My situation doesn’t allow for this at this time. Just the same if I can give anyone some help let me know and keep learning and stay with it and you will have a better life. Most importantly get your own truck and you will be better off. Keep records. And you will see for yourself how to save on fuel.

  • Ralph

    My advice would go like this …

    ….. ‘ Friend, the trucking industry is paying right now, what I made in 1980, do I need to tell you more ?

    In 1879, Tajon of Mercer, Pa guaranteed their OO’s a minimum of $ 1.00 per mile …. I know fools working for that today.

    What other industry could flagrantly violate the 13th Amendment and get away with it ?
    Now, take a ride in your 4-wheeler, go down to the State line and watch the parade of rolling-taxation get their wallets squeezed by the Truck Nazi’s …. do you really want to be a part of that. ‘

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