Group asks DOT to push back hours of service date

| January 29, 2013

In a letter sent to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration last week, American Trucking Associations President Bill Graves asked the agency to reschedule the date that the new hours of service rule goes into effect. Right now, the rule is set to be implemented July 1. Because of a pending case with the agency regarding hours of service — and oral arguments set for March 15 — Graves says in the letter the industry needs time to plan for the new rule, pending the outcome of the court case.

For more, see Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s report.

  • E T Been trucking for 38 Yea

    Just Think Its the only job you work 70 hour a week and dont get payed over time Go ahead change it to a 40 hour week and you must return home once a week 40 hours to restart NOW THATS WORTH PUTTING IN LAW

  • Julia Ferrell Harris

    Doesn’t work for me! Why do I have to go HOME to restart my clock? My husband and I travel together and with no kids at home, why do I need to go home every week? Many of our loads take over 40 hours to get where we’re going! The whole world doesn’t travel in a box!! Open deck is proud of their freight and put it out where everyone can see it! Plus, oversize is where it’s at!!

  • pittbull

    leave us the hell alone,you are looking for a fight you will lose in the long run,,we the people will not be pushed any farther.inforce the laws you have on us now and don’t change anything else,

  • charlie

    LOL, I have never seen such idiotic people trying to weasel their way into the truck drivers pocketbooks…It`s time for a union and some representation for the o/o that have built this industry, and i am certainly one against unions but this is best case for one i have ever seen. Best one i have heard is the CEO`s of these big cos. tellling what great fuel mileage they are getting now. Hey why don`t you tell everyone what that apu cost, what it cost to service it and what it cost to replace the dang parts. I had one and it never saved me one dime, so maybe some that good fuel mileage is from pulling air on dang flat land. But since you bragged about your good fuel mileage nobama and his gang will up the fuel tax…You damn idiots, this government has no reason to let us live comfortably and they sure neeed more our money to spend.

  • dew

    as the politicians and special intrest drive the trucking industery closer to extinction where will it end when o/o are forced to turn back trucks and try to find good work in an almost jobless market. This is getting way out of hand and beyond the point of reason.

  • bigdoghighwayman

    I’m just glad that your not the one in charge of the thinking for the trucking industry. We would be in trouble for sure.

  • t stanley

    (a.t.a. to self) I THINK WE`VE CREATED A MONSTER! reap what you sew bitches… now reap it!!!!

  • t stanley

    but seriously folk`s, i`m in contact with my congressman and trying to reach the gsa and the house oversight committee. they are currently looking into fmcsa and hos. you should all do the same. whining to each other won`t accomplish anything. call the white house switchboard @ 202-224-3121. give them your zip code and they will connect you.

  • bigdoghighwayman

    It’s a dictatorship, not a government. We haven’t had a real government for half a century now. It all boils down to who has the most money and the loudest voice. I would love nothing more than to organize a trucking union that would put the government (dictators) back in their place. I know there are many drivers out there who agree with me and then their are some who probably don’t. It doesn’t matter though, because drivers will not take a stand together and agree on a single resolution and go through with it. The cold hard facts of the matter are that most drivers can’t afford to stop working for even a few days to make a stand. They have families who would pay the price. As we all know, drivers are the heartbeat of America. Without them, the arteries of this country would dry up and die. Drivers need America and America needs drivers. It’s common knowledge that we want to be able to transport the goods across this country as safe and effective as possible, but our “Government” has turned the trucking industry into a slot machine and all they are interested in now is how they can cash in on it. All the suits at the FMCSA and especially the CSA are out to do one thing, use “SAEFTY” as a foundation for making money to create and preserve their jobs and lifestyles. I don’t believe, for one second, that anyone in any government entity, truly cares rather or not vehicles are safe on the roads of America. If they did, they would be passing these laws for all vehicles, not just trucks, and they would be passing laws that actually made a difference in the lives of the people and not laws designed specifically to make more money for the government. The Federal Government is little more than organized crime in my opinion. What are “WE’ the drivers of this nation going to do about it? Just let them take it all? Lay down and let them continue to roll over us like speed bumps? We have the power if we would just use it. TOGETHER we can make a change!

  • Herb Williams

    It’s sow (as to plant), not sew (as to stitch). But point taken and well made. :)

  • Ashraf

    I totally agree and we must move to stop these stupid rules

  • Mike Tayon

    “As we all know, drivers are the heartbeat of America. Without them, the arteries of this country would dry up and die.” Really? NO ONE ELSE makes the world go ’round? If the Grocery stores, packaging carriers (non-truck employees), Farmers, Coal Miners, Dr’s & Nurses, etc etc quit working, the world wouldn’t “stop”? How arrogant can you be?!?!?!? I DETEST a Truck Driver using the term(s) “Without Truckers America Stops!” or ANYTHING close to it!

    FURTHERMORE, all you whiners are ridiculous! Where the eff are you going to go make the money you do now???????? A lot of you will comeback with your arrogant seniority comments, and such, but let me hit you where it hurts BEFORE you “cry”, WHY did it take 30, 40 years for you to complain NOW? You KNOW why you are complaining now? Because you are SCARED! You didn’t save enough, or plan a retirement, and NOW you are sorry!

    EVERY job changes, all rules change, it’s NOT new(s)!!!!!!! Is there a “Trucker” here, reading MY side of the story that makes LESS than $40K per year????? Do you know that the BULK of Fireman make that or less, some a little more, but truckers make much more too? STOP CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you don’t like your effing job, then just QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bielucki Trucking

    the strikes were effective in the the seventies, so yes,without trucks America does stop, and Then President Carter listened, and we got deregulation. If you are a greenie learn your history before you make comments. look up also FASH. That was muscle……

  • Mike Tayon

    LOL Did I say the country wouldn’t “stop” if trucks stopped? Wow……….!

    And as for strikes, you can strike all you want, I expect it……..and I’ll be working, as I have for over 33 years (I’m 50 for the record…..), but 19.5 of that is trucking, some Navy, before that…..Hope your attitude changes, for your sake ;)

  • Mike Tayon

    ADD: OK, looked up “FASH”, more whiner truckers group, more or less corrupted, as was the “UNION”, which by the way is ruining trucking in a way these days, so what is your point? I have been driving for almost 20 years, so against you, I must be “new breed”, and that’s just fine. I am happy with my job, and just want to work, I see no problem, EXCEPT for whiners, and greed.

    Oh, and It was GOV Jerry Brown of California who got Carter’s attention based on what I read, because our produce and ag was going to shit here in California, so I guess if Farmers “stop”, trucking would stop too eh? ;)

  • my55hdtp

    I love how hours of service can be juggled to benefit certain products to help the gov. look good,stick to legal hours propane haulers,they shaft you in the end anyway!!

  • bigdoghighwayman

    Well, I was going to respond to your rhetoric until I noticed that you are from California. You’re probably so used to taking it up the backside that you don’t even know when the government is trying to stick-it-to-you. No pun intended! (: So of course you have no problem giving your money to the government.

  • Mike Tayon

    THAT is your reply, really?

  • C Brown

    You really sound like a dumb donkey to talk about other drivers like that. You would not make a good scab on a truckdrivers donkey. The drivers like my self know more about trucking then you will ever. I have been driving for 32 yrs and I am certain not scared. The farmers yes they are very important but with out truckers the crops would be still in the fields rotten. Coal Miners could not mine any coal where would you put it after you get it out of the mines.Grocery workers would have nothing to put on their selves. Gas Sta would have no gas. Yes I think we all agree it takes alot more then the truck driver to make this country work.But without the American Truckers this country would stop no questions about it. Your talking about how wonderful the money your making lets talk about it. How long are you required to stay away from your family now I am not talking about the 10 hour breaks or the 34 hr restarts you are taking while hundreds of miles away from home. If you figure how many hours you are away from home. You would be making way less then the min wage. Its the total time you have to stay out waiting on a load at a truck stop. and other dead time you are losing. Your the arrogant donkey talking the way you do I am sure you enjoy your job proud you just grad from driving school. But I promise you if your broke down on the side of the road or in a accident it will be the old school drivers that will stop and help make sure you stay warm till help arrives. I bet you, the students who just got out of school with you will pass you by sitting on the side of the road. I am so proud to be an old school trucker.And scared is not an option.

  • C Brown

    Now I know what your problem is is that your from California Us old school truckers wont hold that against you.We just wont run in your communist state. with Carbs and all your regulations. which is ruining the rest of the USA

  • C Brown

    Thank you for your service. But working for the Navy does not give you otr experience. far from that.

  • C Brown

    Well its all up to us we have the last hand lets show our cards.

  • C Brown

    You will not have to go home for your restart who told you that

  • john

    lets just stop all together for 3 days! they will ask us to drive for 24/7 non stop!

  • Mike Tayon

    You are obviously correct! :)
    But, being an OTR driver does! You ASSUMED too much, didn’t you! LOL

  • Mike Tayon

    “Old School”? I have been driving for 20 years come May! And thank you for staying OUT of MY State! I definitely appreciate it! :)

  • Mike Tayon

    WOW! You are not only arrogant, but ignorant as well! Thanks for sharing those facts! LOL ;)


    After reading all of these post I have come to a conclusion. I agree with some of the people and totally disagree with the rest. The post I agree with are those which say we are in control of our destiny but all we (Truckers) do is complain but take no action whatsoever because most of the Truckers are afraid of their own shadow!! The trucking industry is a $900 billion dollar industry fueled by Truckers moving freight!! Now if we all come together and stop being chumps & punks we can make a change in which we won’t be viewed as disposable!! Just turn you ignition off and park!! Alot of drivers are making chump change so what’s the difference with losing a few dollars to gain respect, pay increase and true change of the industry alot of Truckers love being behind the wheel of a truck! Now as far as the people who are posting complaints against the government……………WAKE THE HELL UP!!!! Big business runs the world and more importantly the trucking industry!!! I also believe that most people who blame the government is upset that the President is Black and use the accuse of government involvement as there point!! Personally I dont give a damn about no politician because from President Obama down to alot of these states, cities and counties officals they are full of crooks, liars, thieves and exploiters!!!! So in closing until WE as TRUCKERS take a radical stand we will continue to just be pawns in a game that truly if you thought about it WE OWN THE BOARD!!! On April 1st, 2013 lets stop our trucks and let them know WE WILL NO LONGER BE THEIR FOOLS!!!!! United WE stand divided WE will fall!!!!

    APRIL 1st lets make the country come to a screeching halt!!

  • Thirdcloud

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