Have you ever been tested/treated for sleep apnea?

| July 14, 2014

  • jim stewart

    I was asked at last physical about having any sleep problems. The very first time in my 40+ year career anyone ever asked about sleep (except a few conversations with an over bearing dispatcher or two). I’m thinking to my self, OK do your seriously believe I’m going to admit to anything unusual here so you can send me for some expensive BS testing? Yeah right! So I told the examiner, sleep like a baby, plenty sleep, more than enough rest. I see this as nothing more than a huge $$$ making machine to scam truckers.

  • Dave

    I am still waiting for FMCSA to provide information on accidents caused by sleep apnea.. More junk science. A solution looking for a problem please follow the money!

  • Mountain Flyer

    You said it Jim & Dave. Follow the money. 10 years ago had any of you ever even hear the term “sleep apnea”? I hadn’t. No doubt there are some drivers who suffer from it and need treatment. The current mentality of FMCSA, now that they have trained all their certified providers, is to scare the provider into not signing you off if you meet the guidelines showing you MIGHT have sleep apnea. Then sending you for an expensive sleep study. It’s a racket!

  • Paul

    Ignoring the fact one has a possible sleeping disorder that should be treated not only to have a better, longer quality of life, but to also protect the public at large is not wise. The FMCSA has produced no less than 18 studies that show the use of CPAP machines reduce the risk of motor vehicle accidents. And that’s not to mention Schneider National did a white paper that shows there was a 73% reduction in preventable accidents when CPAP devices were used. The above Poll alone shows that 35% needed testing and 23% of the poll needed treatment. There are Sleep Apnea company’s that will provide discounts to testing and devices through your company and even healthcare program. To learn more email me. TDSAS.pfsales@gmail.com

  • schuyler

    I was forced into a sleep study and told I suffer from sleep apnea, they suspended my medical card till I did 2 weeks on the CPAP and had to proved I used it, It was the worst 2 weeks of sleep I can remember not getting, they just wanted their $750.00 for the stupid machine and what ever it cost my insurance company for the test. just another government scam

  • Schuyler

    what I want to know is where is the selection for “Yes, tested and forced treatment in the past, and it made things worse”

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