Head in the Clouds

| April 07, 2005

“I was getting set up when this flatbed came around the bend,” he says. “I stopped; I guess at first I thought it spoiled the picture. But then it just looked right, so I pressed the button.”

Griffin has taken a lot of photos during his rides. But this has become his favorite because his wife, Desta, loves it. She also loves riding with her husband on the Honda, or in his Freightliner. You might recognize them on the road – Griffin’s motorcycle is basically black and white, but, he says, “I’ve put a whole lot of chrome on it. Hey, I’m a truck driver, I gotta have a lot of chrome.”

Desta found this shot, taken before they were married, as she was going through some of his collection of road pictures. “Why not send it to Truckers News?” she said.

We’re always looking for good outdoors fun pictures from drivers, so maybe you could get your spouse to go through your old albums and find some new favorites for us.

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