Heavy-Duty Oils

| May 13, 2002

Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants says their new line of diesel engine oils offers a promise to set the standard for performance and engine protection.

Enduron S features a synthetic blend base stock and has an exceptional dispersive quality that allows it to manage higher soot levels generated by Exhaust Gas Recirculation engines, says Castrol.

Castrol Tection Extra is premium oil that includes superior low ash soot handling technology for heavy-duty engines, says the company, and also contains robust detergent properties to neutralize higher acid levels.

Castrol Tection S is designed to control wear on critical parts, including piston rings, liners and rod bearings, manage higher soot levels and provide for cleaner running engines.

Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants

Drop Deck Trailer

Fontaine’s Ultra lightweight drop deck trailer has specially designed, fabricated I-beams with continuous welds on both sides. The trailer contains a minimum of 130 steel flanges, and lightening holes for lighter weight, more strength and durability.

The Ultra has lightweight, extruded aluminum side rails, with aluminum stake pockets, pipe spools and rub rails. It also features strong, lightweight aluminum winch tracks for optimal load securement.

The suspension trailer is a Hendrickson Intraax air ride with the front axle fixed. The rear axle is designed to slide from a 50-feet closed tandem position to a 10-feet 2-inch spread position. The trailer also features a pair of rubber dock bumpers on the rear for impact protection.

Fontaine Trailer Company
(800) 821-6535

Truck Cables

Whitney Blake’s truck cable is an interconnect system designed to meet the rigorous demands of the industry.

Each truck cable features superior extension life, sag-resistant coil memory and super resistance to road salt. The cable also includes specially designed connectors and a rugged, abrasion-resistant jacket for handling rough conditions.

Whitney Blake Company
(802) 463-1111

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