Overdrive Extra

Todd Dills

Highway bill highlight reel

| June 28, 2012

Freight Policy
The bill establishes a new National Freight Network and requires USDOT to create a national freight plan.

The freight plan is to include an assessment of the condition and performance of the national freight network and identification of highway freight bottlenecks.

The federal share for highway projects that significantly improve freight efficiency is increased from 80% to 90% for projects off the Interstate System and 95% for projects on the Interstate System.

The bill does not include a set aside of funding for freight projects included in the Senate bill.

Accelerated Project Delivery
Significant reforms to planning and environmental requirements for projects built with federal-aid money.  This will reduce project costs and speed up construction.

Projects of National and Regional Significance
$500 million from the General Fund for a USDOT grant program for major projects.  Eligibility for highway, transit, rail and other modes.

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