Hitting the big time

| October 01, 2006

Heating uses a small fuel-fired heater, also mounted beneath the bunk. Shore power, when available, serves to recharge the whole system.

Kenworth believes its system is friendlier to users, to the environment and to government regulators than traditional diesel-based HVAC systems, Dozier said. The target weight for the system is 550 pounds, comparable to that of a medium-size APU, and the price should be comparable as well, Dozier said.

To show off the new truck, a four-month Kenworth T660 Road Tour launched at the Great American Trucking Show, Aug. 24-26 in Dallas, and goes on to nearly 60 Kenworth dealerships nationwide, from California to New Jersey.

Kenworth also announced it is expanding its plant – its largest – by nearly 30 percent.
The project will add 105,000 square feet to the Kenworth-Chillicothe plant, which has produced more than 270,000 trucks since it opened in 1974. The facility is located on 120 acres and currently is 372,000 square feet in size.

Work on the project began in July and is scheduled for completion next summer.

McQuary said the expansion will add new manufacturing technologies and processes with an extension to Kenworth-Chillicothe’s mainline, as well as its new cab, sleeper and Kenworth T2000 trim lines. The project is also expected to bring advancements in plant logistics.

Earlier this year, the Chillicothe facility implemented a major cab and sleeper robotic paint system. In June the plant was named Quality magazine’s “Plant of the Year” in the large plant category of over 250 employees.
- Andy Duncan

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