Hodyon recalls all Dynasys APUs

| January 18, 2013

Hodyon, maker of the Dynasys auxiliary power units, announced this week on its website that it has “determined a potential safety risk” with all Dynasys APU models and is asking Dynasys owners to discontinue use. The company says it is in the process of “detailing a technical repair process and instructions,” and plans to have an update by Saturday, Jan. 19.

Dynasys says that any questions should be directed toward its customer service line — (800) 289-8282. The announcement is currently listed on Hodyon’s website homepage — hodyon.com.

David Hancock, executive vice president of business units for the company, also has released the one-minute video below as a personal apology to Dynasys customers:

  • jescott418

    I have to wonder how cost effective these APU’s are? I had to gice a driver a jump the other day because his APU quit and his batteries ran down. I get more negative feedback on them as they get a couple years on them. I am not sure how well they hold up. But from my limited experience talking to drivers with them and this story. I have to question how much they save us?

  • alltlzrd

    if they were sincerely sorry about this situation they would either refund all purchase & installation costs or pay for motel rooms until the problem is rectified.

  • Ken

    How cost effective APU’s are ? I guess your not buying the fuel for your truck and paying the repairs. What a stupid statement. You really think that idling your main engine is a better option than using an APU? I have had my Carrier APU on my truck for 6 years and I can’t tell you the cost in fuel that I have saved. Plus many times I have left my lights on or something and ran down my batteries and it’s a hell of easier to jump start the APU than jump start the main engine, And if your in California this summer at a truck stop and your hot and your idling your main engine for over five minutes and the CARB boys( California air resources board) ketch you idling you could get a BIG fat ticket and I mean FAT. So yes APU’s are a good investment.

  • Jerry

    Unless they’re always in the shop. I have to take my Dynasis in about twice a year, since I bought it. It’ll run a few months and something else goes wrong. Just getting the time to stop for repair is a big inconvenience. The final cost with their easy lease purchase plan was outrageous and nearly twice the cost. I wish I’d bought a Carrier, if yours is still running after 6 years.

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