Holiday stress on the road: Common problems and how to handle them

| December 16, 2013

TruckerTim0200With the holiday season here, Indiana-based therapist Buck Black says it’s the time of year when his calendar for client sessions books up. Black, founder of,says that for truckers, the wintry weather, lack of sunlight and possibility of not making it home in time for the holidays adds additional layers of stress to an already tense time of year. Truckers are not alone in feeling the financial pressure and expectations of the season but are slammed by the extra stressors that come with the job. Black identifies some of the unique factors truckers face:


Problem: You have to be away from your family
Solution: Instead of fixating on the actual calendar date of December 25 or any other holiday dates, let it go and decide to start new traditions your family will treasure. “Celebrating a few weeks before or after is just as good,” Black says.

Some alternatives: Skype in the holiday dinner, read a holiday themed story together on the phone, leave small presents to open while you are gone and brainstorm ahead of time ways to stay in touch. 

Problem: You don’t have anyone special in your life to share the holidays with 
Solution: Connect with friends or even acquaintances that may also be alone for the holidays. Consider volunteering at a homeless shelter or offering to walk rescue animals. Reach out to estranged family and try to mend fences. If you will be completely alone, do something to mark the day, even if it’s treating yourself to a good meal or going to a movie.


How to bring home on the road

While it requires dedication and understanding, and like any family situation, there will be trials and tribulations, having close family ties while being away is ...

Problem: The stress is starting to affect your physical health
SolutionAccording to WebMD, stress may manifest in physical symptoms such as low energy, headaches, an upset stomach, aches and pains, insomnia,chest pain and rapid heartbeat. Now is not the time to go off your diet or slack off on your exercise routine. Choose healthy snacks and get plenty of rest.

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  • MercenaryMan

    The stress of having 10 million more drivers all in a hurry, drinking and driving erratically, you basically must be more cautions of them, I have been out over the holidays quite a few times, Ive found that churches can offer a home away from home if thats your thing, If not find a restaurant, or truck stop and get inside and strike up some conversations, dont sit in the truck unless you like to sleep or enjoy the peace and quiet. Many Churches actually will come and get you if your nearby, and they have food etc that is far better then any truck stop….Driving especially over the holiday requires the patience of Job, remember everyone needs to arrive safe, give them room, watch out for distracted drivers who might have relatives and family in the car….take more time and relax, dont get yourself pinned down to an timeframe that cant be done in heavy holiday traffic especially if bad weather is involeved, RELAX, and go with it, BE SAFE,

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    Don’t forget about dealing with ongoing stress of loosing your insurance because of 0care insurance scam. Just another gubmit manmade disaster to deal with.

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    Yep you have to be GONE at all the occasions…birthdays,
    Graduations, Holidays……..and the PAY damn sure is NOT worth it….Good time of the year to reflect on the Value of
    this crappy Low Paid Stress Filled “job”…..normal people with real jobs just laugh at considering THIS a job…….more like a SENTENCE isnt it?

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