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From the archives — Hooked: Homer Schultz’s ’93 Peterbilt 379 wrecker

| November 12, 2014

Note: This story originally ran in Overdrive’s Custom Rigs in 2010.

Homer's Hook

Schultz’ Pete is powered by a 430-hp Detroit Series 60 engine and has strapless air cleaners with billet screens, custom visor, Street Rod headlights, custom-built headache rack and custom fenders.

Homer Schultz III and his Homer’s Custom Chrome Shop spawned from his grandfather’s — subsequently his father’s, then his own — Homer’s Towing and Service. The shop churned out this 1993 Peterbilt 379 a few years back to serve as Homer III’s personal full-time working rig.

Though it’s also a part-time truck showgoer, Schultz uses the Pete for somewhere between three and eight jobs a day, towing other trucks.

He and his crew of 15 began the build in 2005, and it’s seen work on nearly every square inch, anchored by African Rosewood flooring and a blue marbleized dash on the interior and a stretched 312-inch wheelbase, concord blue paint job, flip bumper, Jones hood and lots of other exterior accessories.

Here’s a full gallery of Homer’s 379:

Homer's Hook Homer's Hook

Homer's Hook

Because all of the tow work done with the truck is basically out and back, Schultz turned the sleeper into an entertainment center with a 26-inch television, custom-built speaker boxes, three amps, 12 speakers and a 15-inch subwoofer.

Homer's Hook Homer's Hook Homer's Hook

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  • James M.Stepp

    REALLY nice truck,but I’d never build a truck like that-I’d kill myself if I ever whanged anything on it. (And in my world,work trucks always run the risk of “whangs”.)

  • Rustynail856

    I doubt thats a real work truck … Looks like a delicate flower … Wheres the big old yellow motor … My T600 has 1,300,000 on it … Thats a work truck … This blue skeetercar is cute an shiny … just another pavement princess

  • Pete

    Actually it does work. I see it go up and down the road rusty nail.

  • GREG


  • rdbrock46

    Since he owns and runs a 15 man custom shop and several wreckers I am sure he makes A good living and can afford to customize his personal truck, wrecker prices are pretty competitive among wrecker services. Very nice truck, out of the junk yard and several years of parts and labor, beautiful job. I am a big fan of the series 60.

  • Anbocat

    You all are just jealous. It is gorgeous and if he does a ding, trust me, he will have it back in show condition with in a few days. If he picked up my rig with that unit, I would know that my unit would be in good hands. Best advertising is clean equipment. Nuff said……

  • godfearing rebel

    Your right. Show me someone with acidized aluminum and dirty, cruded up underside and they wont get in my trucks. Chrome and new paint dont get any better fuel milage but its been my experience that a sharp truck will get driven better than a piece of crap. More attractive to a “real” driver i guess. Awsome job mr. Shultz. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.