Hot buttons poll: Gun control

| December 27, 2012

  • Russell Steen

    where does it end? they (the government) have no plan,no budget,no morals,now they want our rights as well.

  • dklagoon

    Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. I prefer to me my own “1st responder,” and protect myself!

  • Andy

    Let the government work on Diesel fuel prices first, that,s what is keeping the country down

  • Jim

    I prefer to be my own first responder. No one is going to beat me to my own situation.

  • Topper

    How about better health care for the mentally impaired. I’ll keep my guns Obama can keep the change.

  • Buck

    Gun Free zones only make it easier on the criminals. They go where the pickings are easiest!

  • Ken

    Gun control is not about guns…….It’s about control.

    If we have no guns then the government can control us.

    If we have no guns the outlaws can rob, rape etc.

    To see how well gun control works we need only look to England or Australia, after gun control the crime rates in both of those countries went up drasticly.

    Or just look at D.C. they have the most restrictive gun laws in America and the crime rate there is the the highest in the land.

    Outlaws including our own government want un armed sheep.

    You see the difference between a citizen and a subject is the right to bear arms.

  • Craig Hansen

    Frankly according to the 2nd amendment the gov’t has no, nada, zilch, none what so ever right to dismiss my right to firearms!PERIOD! And yes, I carry in the truck too! It is a dangerous world and I would be remiss in my duty as a citizen and husband to allow this or any other right to be altered unless by a change to the constitution! SO Uncle Sammy KMA. This is the most rediculous BS, it is not gun control they are after it is control of the citizenry. I have only “presented” my weapon twice in 32 years but by damn both times it did save my life, thereby saving my family too! Only a complete fool would trust the gov’t to protect him and his family totally. I am ever so greatful for the security our police and armed forces afford us to enjoy in the peace and sanctity of everyday life but sometimes you are on your own. One time I backed up the local deputy at my gunless neighbors during a break in and he was glad for it. Our deputies are really spread thin here and could use a break. I respect you if don’t like or want a gun but I do want one (several) and I want the same respect given to me. Nowhere does our constitution give the gov’t the right to limit our ownership or state that any particular firearm is prohibited. They already regulate type of weapons (illeagaly, I might add) and tax others. Now how does a tax make the gun or owner safer? It just makes the gov’t richer. If I or any other red blooded gun toting American had been there armed at the mall, school, or wherever the story would still be a tragedy but the losses would be less and the shooter would have been down sooner, thus ending the threat sooner. Wake up America, they say they want your guns but what they want is gov’t control. Any person who willingly gives up some freedom for some security will gain neither and only get what they deserve.

  • Gordon Alkire

    Guns do not kill people. People kill people. Guns do not walk in to a place and pull their own triggers. Same with automobile accidents where people are killed. People were driving the cars. They didnot get in the accident on their own.

  • silvershorts

    My form of gun control is being able to hit what you are aiming at with multible rounds.

  • RTR

    when seconds count help is minutes away!

  • jess mcclure

    lets surround Washington with the NRA members and gun owners in a show of force !

  • Flash.

    A requirment for our leaders should be to make sure they can read. If only they would read about themselves and what they are doing, and while we are at it allow only those who pay taxes be allowed to vote. Let,s get some skin in the game

  • Chuck

    Although the Sandy Hook shooting is horrible the past 4 mass shooting all were at the hands of mentally unstable individuals who broke existing laws. You can not stop someone who has murder in their heart and weather they kill with a bomb or a firearm if they are determined they will do it.. Outlawing legal firearms from law abiding citizens is not the answer to the problem because it won’t stop with so called assault weapons because there are hunting rifles that fire at the same caliber and same rate of fire that will be the next target for the gun banners. I refuse to turn over any of the firearms that I legally own no matter what the ruling A Holes in our government pass.

  • Scatpack

    Criminals don’t obey the law, so how would more strict laws make any difference?


    After the governments prove to the common people that they are trustworthy and honest and here to actually help they can start to think about gun control. However if they ever get that far they will forget about it.

  • Denis Ryabyy

    To stop a bad guy with a gun, you need a good guy with a guy. The problem is not with the guns, it’s like blaming spoons for someone being fat, the problem is the sinful heart of human beings. Only Jesus Christ can truly offer freedom from sin.

  • Shaggy

    Guns don;t kill people, people kill people. If you look at where all these killings take place GUNS ARE NOT ALLOWED this is also the case at our military bases. Own military boys are not allowed to carry a loaded weapon unless they are one the range or on live fire maneuvers. My son was stationed at Fort Hood when the shooting took place. 445 children were killed by guns last year in Chicago where they have the toughest gun laws in the nation. Now you tell me tougher gun laws work.

  • Ronnie Hughes

    I think they,the Gov.should stop picking at out rights ,lots have gone war and fought 4 our freedom and the amendments.and WE will not give up the fight.

  • tryin

    It is amazing we survived without gun control for the first 151 years. We didn’t have restrictions on guns and after the 1968 laws were passed, urban crime took off – Detroit in the 70’s were counting 600 plus murders a year where in 1965 there were something like 120. From 1919 to 1934, we had access to automatic weapons, like tommy guns and BARs but the only ones who were using them were a limited, very limited group of people who were killing anyone with anything they could us for the sake of killing. We make them out as sort of heroes like Dillinger and Barrow gang – all scum.

    When kids could purchase guns, even in the 30’s during the depression, there were no school killings, there were no people shooting into movie theatres or Churches. Then many people lost everything and still a large majority of them didn’t go on a shooting rampage.

  • Charlie Baker

    the only reason for government to enact gun control is to keep the people from resisting the government,the second amendment was written to allow the people the means to resist tyrants,whether they be domestic or foreign,we give up our second amendment rights,at any level,we invite slavery

  • Mike Smith

    Our gov has been overthrown by the corporations that profit off of the MASSIVE numbers of illegal aliens that are flooding into our country through California, the south, and New York. It should be no surprise that CA and New York are the ones screaming the loudest about guns. Why? Because these 3rd world savages are having 6 kids, free to them, but costing us $580 billion a YEAR in costs for the illegal aliens. That’s $10 trillion of our $16 trillion debut over the last 20 years, but thats just the beginning, because illegals have been allowed to flood into our country for 40 YEARS. Imagine the costs. This is DRIVING OUR COUNTRY BROKE. And this is the reason why GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO DESTROY OUR 2ND AMENDMENT. The things I have mentioned here are worth of a REVOLUTIONARY WAR. Read the Constitution. Our government has not only failed to do their duty they have betrayed us.

  • Doug

    Let these maggots that call themselves politicians enforce the laws in effect and stop over regulating.

  • Earl

    Blaming a gun for violent criminals is like blaming a car for
    drunk drivers. We have enough laws controlling law abiding citizens. The government
    should enforce the laws on the books not pass new ones. For example it’s a felony
    to lie on a background check form but no one is ever arrested. Most of the guns
    used in crimes are stolen or purchased on the black market how is a law going
    to control that?

  • Johnnie Trucker

    It seems that all everyone wants to do is punish the LEGAL GUN OWNER & anyone with a Concealed Carry License. Yes I have a CCW License and I live in FLORIDA and I can LEGALLY carry in 28 STATES and I do carry everytime I leave home or anytime I go out of the house. I carry it in my truck and have came close one time when someone tried to open my door, if they didnt back away when warned I would of used it on the two that asked if they could see the inside of my truck @ 2:00am The rest areas arent safe anymore except in Florida where every REST AREA in the state has a Trooper or an Armed Guard. The Feds need to stop listening to the media and listen to the people that are out in the real world and know how bad it is.

  • NotAPawntoFear

    Gun control does not mean gun confiscation – that’s a ridiculous fear instilled in gullible minds by a gun industry driven by profits over humanity. I’m a gun owner, and a 2nd amendment advocate, but have no use for an assault rifle designed to kill humans in mass numbers on the battle field. If you walk out of your door every day and think you see the Vietnam War being played out in your front yard, you have a mental health issue – not a gun control issue. Newsflash: The NRA doesn’t give a rip about you and your family.

  • Peter Toerner

    Only by a change in the Constitution would the Government have the right to gun control. It seems to me that this will never stop if we don’t stop it. Enough is enough!!

  • Ben Jackson

    banning guns for a shooting is like banning cars for a drunk driving fatality. The car did not do it!

  • Rick Comia


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  • Shawn L Hubbard

    With all due respect, civilian assault rifles fire one bullet with every trigger pull, just like any other gun. Assault rifles are no more dangerous than any other gun. The difference is that the gun has a cosmetic aesthetic that appeals to people. If you believe these guns should be banned, then you believe in banning guns, period.

  • Paul Turner

    Thats right, take the guns away so only the criminals are protected. Guess the government never heard of the Black Market !! A killer is going to always suceed no matter what laws are in effect. PSsst, Anti-Gun advocates, Criminals follow no LAWS !!

  • Chuck Conley

    My definition of gun control is hitting your intended target!

  • Ghostrider

    We need to have a law that say’s we can carry our guns outside so the world can see what we have, not having to hide it. who in their right mind would try to rob someone with a 44 or a 9mm, 38 or whatever on their hip, the law would also be better off seeing that we had a gun on the hip. Yes we need to have a better process to let people Carrie one but I would vote for something like this so I could carrier one.

  • George

    The recent shootings in Ct, where firearme regulations are strict, only prove that firearm regulations don’t work. I don’t have a problem with some form of regulation but the regions where the controls are the most strict also seem to be the areas with the highest murder numbers. Obviously, all the years our lawmakers spent in college sucked all the common sense out of their heads.


    As we say in Texas “COME GET UM!!!”

  • Big B

    Well from what I’m reading here 99% of truck drivers have more brains then the Girly Man Libs that somehow got contoll of the country!

  • jim b360

    When seconds count 911 is only minutes away. be safe and prastice gun controle

  • Jeff Smith

    Take good aim on your target and squeeze, the first hit wins,thanks to the NRA

  • Louis Segarra

    Well stated!!!!
    I would like to add, that, if the government enforced the current regulations prohibiting violent criminals and the psychologically impaired from obtaining guns, these atrocities would be far less.
    Instead, the government simply uses these horrific acts to grandstand and make new laws. All in an effort to justify their salaries!!
    Lou Segarra
    Elmont, NY

  • landsmith

    You need to read the text of Dianne Feinstein’s (DI-FI) new gun control legislation. The thing the “gun owners” who don’t have a problem with “assault rifle” bans don’t seem to see, is it isn’t just the scary black rifles they are after. Try handguns that “can accept” a magazine capable of carrying more than ten rounds. Any semi automatic handgun “can accept” such a magazine. Will you have a magazine that large? Probably not. Doesn’t matter. If it “can accept” one, it is illegal. The list goes on and on. If you think they are only after “assault rifles”, you are a fool.

  • Gordon Alkire

    The very same legislators that are demanding gun control have armed body guards like that ugly broad Feinstein from CA. It is not a federal law you cannot have a gun in the truck . State laws. Gun control is for control only . It will not make our lives any safer. It will do just the opposite . Has anyone noticed that all the killings have been in gun free zones. NO GUNS ALLOWED. No person with a concealed gun to help defend the innocents at risk. Our rights are being taken away a little at a time. If we have no guns we have no say in how our country is run. Socialism has never worked. That is why we call it the former USSR today. Soon if we don’t demand our rights we will be going down the same path.

  • BT

    My right to not be murdered by a gun trumps your right to own an assault rifle. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.