Hot buttons poll: Same-sex marriage

| January 10, 2012

  • Living in the Moment

    Come on people…It’s time to let others live however they want to. It’s the twenty first century!

  • Angela Steelman Goodson

    It’s unfortunate that others feel like it’s their business to stick their noses in another’s private life. If it isn’t hurting you, mind your own business!! For those who are using their Bible as their evidence of another’s wrong doing: have you read the sections on judgement?? “For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged…” You don’t have to answer for another’s sins so stop trying to govern their lives!! BUTT. OUT.

    For the record: I’m not gay and I won’t hide in anonymity. It’s my opinion, I might as well own it.

  • Sananda Allsgood

    I agree with you Angela! Well said

  • Chuck

    Well I don’t care what people do behind closed doors whether gay or straight as long as they don’t flaunt it in my face. My personal opinion is that the gay lifestyle is and will always be deviant behavior. In my 53 years I have met and known several gay men and a lesbian or two. The two men both admitted that they had been molested by perverts when they were little so my question is were they homo before they were molested or did the psychological trauma that they experienced at the hands of some sicko perv so screw up their little minds that they actually thought that this was somehow normal?
    Aside from the religious stigma of this behavior and that the Bible is crystal clear as to the nature of it. I fully understand that everybody doesn’t buy into what the “Good Book” says about this along with many other religions that also believe this behavior is a perversion.
    I would except the whole premise if it were left up to the states to decide whether to allow it or not and it not be forced on the states that rejected it but we have seen even in more progressive state like California where it was rejected by the majority of the voters multiple times just to have it over turned by a Federal Appeals Court..
    Let the states decide….

  • Oak Harbor Al

    Yes, and I’m not gay. But I know from friends who are that it was not a choice. Who can condemn or punish anyone for a condition they had no choice in?

  • Rick

    I am against it
    Same sex marriage because i feel we are pushed into liking things or making things OK like being Gay , its not ok God made us different for a reason we are changing our nature by not having a clue of any direction or rules of the world to survive. Man and woman were meant for each other for a purpose and outline of life. Can a man and man reproduce or vise versa with woman. So the human race would die without the two.

  • Gordon Alkire

    It is not that we are sticking our noses in other people business it is that the gays are disrupting the lives of straight ( their term) people. There is no reason for gays to demand special treatment, get laws passed, and insurance for Maternity leave due to their need for same sex sex.. Hetero sexual people can live together without getting married so can gays. No laws need to be enacted to do so. Perverted sexual behavior is just that Perverted. Far too many of our legislators are gay giving some to think that gives gays some credibility. Here is how it used to be..

    You get the job.

    You do the job your hired to do and you keep the job.

    No one really cared what your sexual position is or was or really wants to know.

    I am so tired of hearing about how gays need to come out of the closet and be treated special. The only ones that need to be treated special are special needs children and our elderly..

  • Ghostrider

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